How many languages ​​are there in LOTR

The languages

" The languages

“Quenya / Sindarin
“Black language

Quenya and Sindarin (Elvish)

The Elves had two melodious languages, Quenya and Sindarin.
Quenya was the language of the Elves from Valinor. In Middle-earth, Quenya was spoken only by the scholars and used for written documents.
Sindarin was the language of the Gray Elves from Middle-earth. But it was also adopted by the Noldor, who returned to Middle-earth in the First Age.
Not only did the Elves use Quenya and Sindarin, Elven friends like Frodo or Bilbo and many people could also speak it.

Khuzdul (dwarfish)

The language of the dwarves was the Khuzdul. It was a harsh language and little is known about it.
The dwarves only spoke to one another in Khuzdul. When talking to other races, they used the Westron.
The names of the dwarfs in the Third Age come from a northern human language, as they did not reveal their real names.


Westron was the mother tongue of all hobbits and people who lived in the areas of Arnor and Gondor during the War of the Ring, and from the inhabitants of the west bank from the Anduin to the Sword Fields.
Almost all of the inhabitants of Middle-earth west of Rhûn had at least some knowledge of Westron, since it was the common language. When different people met, they used the Westron.
Westron originated from Adûnaïschen.

Black language

The Black Language was invented by Sauron in the Second Age. It was a very harsh language.
Sauron's servants should use the language. But it was spoken in its correct form only by himself, the Nazgûl and the Olog-hai (intelligent trolls who could lose sunlight). The orcs mostly spoke a simplified Westron, mixed with some elements of the black language.


Adûnaïsch was the language of Númenor.
In most of the regions of Númenor, the people spoke Adûnaish. But everyone there also had some knowledge of Sindarin. In the north-west of the island it was even used generally, and not Adûnaïsche (but of course the people there still mastered it).
Adûnaïsch was derived from the First Age language of the Hador people.
The Westron later developed from the Adûnaïschen in Middle-earth.