Whoever wrote the first cut is the deepest

For high school graduates with a moderate grade point average there are a lot of possibilities at the University of Heidelberg: Assyrology, Byzantine archeology, sociology - all of these are available, without numerus clausus. Wadim Vodovozov is the best high school graduate in Baden-W├╝rttemberg and applied for a place to study medicine in Heidelberg. He didn't get it.

SZ:Mr. Vodovozov, how did it go for you in high school?

Vodovozov:School has always been for me big business, I did it like a job, and graduating from high school was the grand finale, the most exciting and wonderful time of my life so far. It went well, I got 898 out of a possible 900 points, an average of 0.7.

SZ:Where did you lose the two points?

Vodovozov: In geography and history I only wrote 13 points in one exam each. My worst subject, however, was fine arts, which I voted out in good time with a grade of 1.

SZ:Such a 1 can really ruin the 0.7 cut.

Vodovozov: It just wasn't my thing. I'm more interested in people. That's why I want to study medicine.

SZ:But you didn't get the place at the University of Heidelberg.

Vodovozov: The notification reached me on Friday, August 13th, 2010. I had definitely expected an acceptance and was already in the hospital during the pre-internship. I called my father from the toilet and asked: is there anything new? He said: Unfortunately, yes.

SZ:Why were you rejected?

Vodovozov: In my year there were too many A-1 high school graduates for the reserved places, so a lot had to be drawn. I was just unlucky.