Mostly luck wins in fantasy football


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Another innovation / another suggestion for a change I would like to submit to you.

In a fantasy baseball league, the FAAB system was introduced this year, which is used for signing free agents.

@ Kramer & Olaf: I once "stole" your description and footballed it a little

FAAB - which stands for Free Agent Acquisition Budget.

In simple terms, it's about every team getting a $ 100 budget in the coming season that you have to use free agents throughout the season (including post-season) if you want to make a roster move.

In practice it looks like this: Let's assume you need a new running back and want to sign Larry Johnson. Normally you would then simply add the player with a drop from another player or claim sanders from the waiver list if you feel like it.

As of the coming season, this will no longer be that easy. You have to bid on this player. That means you go to the player's page ... There you will still find the "Pick up this player" button like last year ... Only when you click on the button does the next page look a little different than usual ...

Now you will find a "Bid Amount ($ 100 Remaining)" field where you have to submit your bids ... The number in brackets always shows you your account balance ... On the right side you will also find an overview of which teams and how much have left over from their FAAB ...

During the week you place all the bids for all players that you would like to have there. In the night from Thursday to Friday, these players will be automatically auctioned by the CBS software. Whoever has placed the highest bid on a player will be awarded that player. But it doesn't work like Ebay. In other words, if you bid $ 25 and the next lower bid was $ 2, then you win with $ 25, not $ 3.

Further subtleties:

- The minimum bid is always 1 dollar ...
- Maximum bid whatever you have left on your FAAB for the rest of the season ...
- If two teams bid the same for one player, the player with the worse balance (who is thus higher in the auction order) is awarded the player
- As with the waiver order, you will end up at the end of the auction order if you have already bought a player and placed further bids for other players ...

There are pretty much only advantages to introducing this system:

• As in the past, nobody can snatch a player from under the nose of anyone, because everyone has the same prerequisites to bid for a player more than in previous years ...
• It eliminates the luck factor when engaging free agents ... In the long term, the one who knew best what he was doing and not the one who tried as much as possible with many transactions to see what sticks to the player material will prevail. .
• As a result, we do not need to introduce any transaction limits ...

There are still a few subtleties about the system in detail, especially with regard to the auction rankings, that is, what key the software uses to auction the players and also what kind of priority list you set, so if you don't get Larry Johnson, for example, and then as a backup plan Reggie Bush wants ...

But more on that later ... First of all, it would be important that everyone has understood the basic features of the system so far ...


So, and now I ask you for your opinion and vote
Sounds interesting, would the money be passed on through the seasons .. 1st year $ 100 in the second year because you didn't spend $ 200? I think that's great
Daunte wrote:Sounds interesting, would the money be passed on through the seasons .. 1st year $ 100 in the second year because you didn't spend $ 200? I think that's great

you can talk about it. it is definitely possible.

First and foremost, we have to clarify whether we want to introduce FAAB. In Step II we can clarify whether we will take the 2007 FAAB dollars with us into the new year or whether they should be available for trades.
I also find the idea very interesting. But only in the station wagon that you can take the rest of the money with you into the next season.
But otherwise really great.

Greetings Igor
That would only be for the FA? Know the system so that all players are assigned a value. That would also be the drafted, quasi a salary cap.
I haven't cast a vote yet - I have to think twice about it

basically it's a great thing, what we see in the baseball season - i'm just not sure if this is so important in football at all.

the market in football is not as big as in baseball - the offspring is also set before the season and you can't bid on college players anyway

Since the number of game days is significantly lower and you are usually occupied more than once per position, even by draft, it cannot be compared to baseball

but basically a good idea - but what i wouldn't do is to take over the remaining amount of money into the new season - i don't think that has to be either - there is enough money anyway
@ Grobi

A PM to you regarding FAAB is in the mailbox
I'm against it!!
Since there is a higher risk of injury in the NFL than in the MLB, it could happen that some teams are disadvantaged by this rule.
Imagine if you had 5 injured in your team and the other teams only 1-2, then at some point the coal would run out and you could no longer react to injuries while other teams would even have the opportunity to take money with them into the next year.

and how quickly you can have 5 or more injured starters, I know enough from the last few years : evil: