What is the largest prehistoric insect

Prehistoric "sea monsters" were possibly the largest animals in the history of the earth


According to Lomax, the discovery has led the team to re-evaluate a number of individual bone finds near the village of Aust in Gloucestershire, England. Some of them were discovered as early as 1850. These finds have long been interpreted as the bones of terrestrial dinosaurs, but that was never entirely conclusive.

Eventually, the scientists realized that all of these pieces also belonged to giant ichthyosaurs - possibly even larger than the recently identified specimen.

"We compared them to these Aust bones and when I saw them in person, my jaw dropped," says Lomax. "I realized it was a huge ichthyosaur and the largest [animal] ever found in the UK."

Darren Naish, a paleontologist from the University of Southampton, also agrees that the size of these bones is astounding. He's part of a team that recently examined Aust's bones and also concluded they belonged to a gigantic ichthyosaur.

He agrees with the size estimates of the study authors and says that these animals "approached or exceeded the size of various giant baleen whales."

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