What software do telecommunications companies use

Zendesk for telecommunications

Create connections with your customers

Customers have numerous ways to access content and interact with companies. For telecommunications providers, it's not enough to have the fastest networks, the latest devices, or the most content - it's about delivering the best customer experience. Zendesk helps you build real relationships with your customers, deliver the information they need and exceed their expectations in the process.

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The Zendesk approach to telecommunications

Connect on every channel

Keep pace with your competitors and take advantage of new services and markets. Every new offer, be it consumer or company-oriented, has to offer the best possible experience right from the start. With Zendesk, customers can always interact with your company on the channel they prefer. What are you waiting for? Improve your conversions and create the right experience - with every new offer!

Expand bandwidth

Many areas of your business have data about customers, the products they use, and the content they view. With Zendesk Sunshine, you can make this data available right on the desktop of your support staff so that they can provide personalized support on each channel and have the right context for each customer.

Create a strong connection

When customers need help, they need to be able to get in touch with their service provider quickly. Interacting with you should be just as easy from a customer perspective as it is with friends and relatives. With Sunshine Conversations, you can stay in touch with your customers and give them the ability to browse support content, try out new services and manage their account without having to go to multiple websites.

Provide relevant knowledge

With a self-service solution, the accumulated knowledge can be used effectively in your company. This allows you to set up a content help center where customers can find answers to all of their questions. With Zendesk Guide and Answer Bot, you can scale customer support, devote more time to complex questions, and help customers help themselves.

More power for your team

For you as a telecommunications company, it is extremely important that all processes mesh seamlessly. Give your employees access to the right information and systems so they can deliver a compelling customer experience. With Zendesk, you can add new applications, ensure optimal collaboration, and integrate workflows company-wide so that everyone has the same information at hand.

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Expand quickly and easily

Open up new markets

“With Zendesk, we can set up a new store in a few weeks. Everything we have is digital - from customer touchpoints and onboarding to customer interaction. Customers can even manage their subscription themselves via our mobile app. "
Megan Yulga

Marketing Manager, Circles.Life

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Make your support team a priority

Make work easier for teams

“Our employees are enthusiastic about Zendesk Support because automated responses give them the certainty that their concerns are being processed. Our support staff think Zendesk Support is great because it strikes the ideal balance between ease of use and performance. "
David Bedelis

Learning Technologies Specialist, Vodafone Hutchison Australia

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Create customer loyalty

The customer always comes first

“Customer support is extremely important to us. We are free to think outside the box and can therefore offer our customers support that is certainly not typical. The service we provide is second to none! "
Jon Keane

Director of Customer Support, Republic Wireless

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Simple instead of complicated

Create seamless workflows

“The heart of a startup company still beats in us, although we are much bigger now. We think it's great that with Zendesk we don't have to invest huge sums in our own infrastructure, because that would be a real brake on growth. "
Peter James

Head of IT and Operations, Amaysim

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