How do you talk to pets

This is why your dog tilts its head when you talk to him

This is why your dog tilts its head when you talk to him

It is not for nothing that the dog is man's best friend. The four-legged friends give us a lot of joy and we cannot imagine being without them! But do you also know why your dog tilts its head when you talk to him? There is a very specific - and simple - reason for this.

Stanley Coren, Professor of Psychology at the University of British Columbia, has invited dog owners to an experiment so that they can better understand their dog's gestures. The scientist has also written various books, all of which deal with the essence of the dog: "Can dogs dream?", "The secrets of dog language" or"The intelligence of dogs".

The question, why the dog's head is bowingwhen you talk to him is very easy to answer. Professor Coren makes a simple suggestion for this: “Put your clenched hand in front of your nose. That should give you an idea what it's like to live with a snout. "

Through the snout, the dog can only see the upper part of a person's face. By tilting the head, you can see the whole face, especially the lips, better. This makes it easier for the dogs to understand what you want from them. Also a study published in the Journal Current Biology was published, proves that dogs can read and understand various facial expressions on humans - at least up to a point. Happy faces have been associated with something positive, while angry faces have been associated with something negative.

So, when the dog tilts its head, it is trying to get the best out of your message, and it is doing this in order to be able to listen to you better. The dog is very attentive and wants to know exactly what you want to say to him. A trusting and very empathetic gesture from your dog!

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