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Are you interested in what's happening in the IT world and the technology scene? We've compiled a list of our favorite sources for you to get the latest in tech, cybersecurity, and IT. Of course, we also explain why we like these IT websites. Most of them offer a good mix of gadget and technology novelties, but they also cover important topics like cyber incidents and IT security, which of course interests us the most. The following list contains our personal favorites. So we didn't go for factors like most traffic and monthly readership, but instead focused on the quality of the content that the IT sites provide to their readers.

Our tip in advance: If you are reasonably confident in the English language, it is worth taking a closer look at the English-language tech blogs. These are usually more up-to-date and of high quality. The German websites are of course also very good for tech news from Germany. We have listed both our English-speaking and German-speaking favorites for you.

The best German IT websites


The page t3n with the accompanying magazine has existed since 2005, which mainly deals with the digital economy and all its aspects (it is actually pronounced T-three-N, we were internally disagreed as to whether it should be a stylized ten after all ...). In the beginning t3n mainly reported on the content management system TYPO3 and similar open source technologies, but now the topics are much broader. The site is characterized by a good feel for relevant and exciting topics, by humor and by high-quality and linguistically high-quality articles. On the start page you are asked in a charming way to switch off the AdBlocker. If you follow this request, you quickly notice that the advertising is used unobtrusively and sparingly.

Excerpt from the current topics: Adidas produces shoes in series with the 3D printer; various election programs of the parties are subjected to a digital check; the 50 most innovative companies are presented; what's new on google and uber.


The online portal CHIP Online is the technology expert in German-speaking countries and, in addition to IT tips and news, it primarily offers a reliable portal for virus-checked downloads and tests of software. The online version has been around since 1996, but Chip has existed as a magazine for much longer. The topics are broad and are actually not just about IT topics. Chip also offers technology deals, indicates discounts and tests current programs or threats for their relevance.

Excerpt from the current topics: Risk assessment: $ 500 device cracks iPhone PIN; Microsoft admits incorrect behavior with Windows 10 forced downloads; Mysterious objects discovered in space; secret Saturn deals for bargain hunters; but also "Doctors go after naturopaths". reports on international and German-speaking topics. If you want to stay up to date with German data protection and court rulings, you have come to the right place. It is particularly nice that there is a separate division for the important topic of security, in which everything revolves around data protection and IT security. The platform is dedicated to tech updates from large companies, new software and hardware, computer games and, as already mentioned, new developments in politics with regard to technology and data protection. Besides Heise, Golem is one of the most famous portals in Germany. However, international topics - admittedly, as with most German tech sites - sometimes find their way onto the platform with a delay.

Excerpt from the current topics: Gaming router should reduce ping by up to 77 percent; Self-charging mouse from Logitech put to the test; Programming the Android app for Raspberry Pi; Apple builds autonomous employee shuttle vehicles.


Heise offers something similar to and above all helps to keep up to date with what is happening in Germany and internationally in terms of tech and data protection. If something happens in terms of tech and IT in Germany and the world, you will find it at Heise. The community is very active, which is reflected in the many comments on current topics. Due to the different sections, it is very easy for the reader to search for exactly the topics that interest him. Those who don't care about the latest computer games are not bothered by them and can instead only romp about in the IT of the mobiles. However, if you are interested, you will find all the news and tests in the entertainment section. In addition, the top topics provide a quick overview of what is currently being discussed in the tech scene.

Excerpt from the current topics: Microsoft is switching to Git for Windows development; Spy apps on the App Store; First impressions of the largest game fair in the world; Study on the situation among IT specialists.


PC-WELT is a magazine that has been published monthly since 1983. This of course also includes an online presence that informs advanced users about IT topics. In our opinion, however, the majority of the content is also presented in an understandable manner for non-experts and those interested in technology. PC-WELT offers a varied overview of what is happening in the tech world and also offers do-it-yourself life hacks and interesting deals.

Excerpt from the current topics: FBI warns US companies about Kaspersky; ISS sneaks into the picture during a solar eclipse; Tips and tricks for calculating with Excel; Steam is giving away Shadow Warrior (2013) for a limited time.


GIGA is a gold mine, especially for game enthusiasts and series fans. But other tech topics are also considered here. Thanks to the division into GIGA Android, GIGA Apple, GIGA Windows, etc., every user can quickly find the tips and tricks relevant to him and his platform. For people like me, whose hearts only beat a few bars faster when Game of Thrones is mentioned, the Series & Films section is an extra treat. The GIGA Tech section offers a practical news ticker with news and deals and, like the other featured pages, provides information on news in IT and the tech scene.

Excerpt from the current topics: Sonos: give us your data or your loudspeaker gives up; SNES Mini: Bots make it difficult to pre-order; Information about the new iPhone 8; Information about Gamescom; Comment on the reliability of smart home products.

Who shouldn't be missing from such a list: Caschy's blog

To be found under the URL, Caschy's blog is by no means about the city mentioned, but is exclusively dedicated to tech topics that are prepared by Carsten Knobloch aka Caschy and his team. Although it is a small team and there is no publisher behind the site, the content is always up-to-date. Software and hardware are tested and described on the blog, attention is drawn to current deals and discount campaigns, but technology and security news are also not neglected.

Excerpt from the current topics: Samsung Up: Samsung with update program; Percentages for eBay Plus customers; Google Partners with Walmart for Home Deliveries via Google Assistant; Tips for WhatsApp for iOS; Samsung is working on smart speakers.

English language online publications

If you enjoy reading in English and feel comfortable and confident in that language, we recommend that you also take a look at our English-language favorites.

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