What is Tanki Online

Tanki Online

Game description:
"Tanki Online" is an online tank simulation. The players control their own tank through battles with other players. The aim is to upgrade the tank, eliminate other tanks, capture the flag of the opposing team and defend your own flag. The game is kept extremely simple and uncomplicated.

Educational assessments:
"Tanki Online" has been approved by the USK for children aged 12 and over. The game principle works completely without human characters, as the players control the tank from a 3rd person perspective. A defeated tank explodes, turns black and then disappears. In the game, no value is placed on the realistic staging of real tank battles. For example, tanks can fire laser beams or lightning. The use of blood for realistic battle representation is also completely dispensed with. It becomes clear that this is a highly abstract simulation that has little to do with real acts of violence. The controls are also kept very simple and easy to master. However, players need good hand-eye coordination and quick reactions.

The game has its own currency that can be purchased with real money. Here it is important to be careful and to talk to younger players about the potential costs so that they can become aware of them. You can also chat with other human players. As with other online games, children can also chat with strangers here. Basically, players aged 12 and over should be able to adequately abstract what is happening in the game in "Tanki Online". Clear rules should be made about communication in the game and the costs.

This test is an initial assessment. The title has not yet been tested by a group of game testers.