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ANTHRAX have always been one of the most cover-friendly bands in the metal scene and have had over 25 reinterpretations in their career. Therefore, the release of a pure cover EP is not particularly surprising, but the selection of songs is. The band usually covered titles from different genres within a session, but "Anthems" is less colorful: All six covered songs come from the seventies or early eighties and can be assigned to the classic rock genre From 1993 to 2004 John Bush gave the cover songs their own note with his singing, the returned Joey Belladonna trills the originals on "Anthems", mostly uninspired. Best example: Instead of singing Rush's ´Anthem´ in their own pitch, Belladonna tries to imitate Geddy Lee, which is pretty bad. The ´Big Eyes´ by Cheap Trick, which is deep and rough sung by Belladonna standards, works best, while ´Smokin´´ from Boston with the contribution of guest keyboardist Fred Mandel sets at least musically interesting accents. The versions of the dead noodled ´TNT´ (AC / DC) and ´Jailbreak´ (Thin Lizzy) sticking to the original are just as dispensable as a covered journey number (´Keep On Runnin´´). Especially ´Jailbreak´ shows the class difference between the two singers compared to the Thin Lizzy track ´Cowboy Song´, which was covered with John Bush in 1993.

As a bonus of the reissued special edition of the "Worship Music" album, the EP is a nice gimmick. The separately released single EP, on the other hand, is only interesting for die-hard fans and completeists.

3 questions for ANTHRAX guitarist Scott Ian:

Scott, in the course of the first “Worship Music” session you worked on a few other cover versions (Pearl Jam's ´Brain Of J´, Tom Petty's ´Running Down A Dream´, AC / DC's ´Whole Lotta Rosie´, Alice In Chains´ ´We Die Young´), of which you only took over ´Big Eyes´ from Cheap Trick. Wouldn't it have been easier to complete the originally chosen songs instead of recording five new cover songs?

“We just decided to choose other songs. There wasn't really a big reason for that. We from AC / DC preferred ´TNT´ to ´Whole Lotta Rosie´. The recordings for the songs by Pearl Jam and Tom Petty still exist, but we never finished them. "

It seems reasonable to assume that the covers recorded with your ex-singer Dan Nelson do not work with Joey's voice.

“I don't think that's the case; we just haven't finished the songs yet. Maybe one day we'll touch the songs again. But we don't worry too much about the cover songs. These are just pieces that we play for fun. Most of the time it's songs that we played before we were with ANTHRAX. At the soundcheck we sometimes prefer to play cover songs than our own songs, because they're less boring. "

What's your favorite cover on "Anthems"?

“Probably the Boston song. Simply because it is the first song that ANTHRAX shows with keyboards. It doesn't even sound like ANTHRAX to me when I listen to it. "(Rb)

Ronny Bittner