You can rename clothes as your own

Guard dogs: Legion - how to customize characters

With Watch Dogs: Legion you can put together your own personalized team of DedSec employees. So it is understandable that you would want to customize your characters. You can't completely change a character's look, but you have full control over their outfit and style. There are different types of clothing stores in London selling different types of clothing and it can be a bit overwhelming deciding where to shop and spend your hard earned ETO. Here's everything you need to know about character customization in Watch Dogs: Legion.

How to customize characters in Guard Dogs: Legion

You can customize your characters in Watch Dogs: Legion in any clothing store in London. In clothing stores, you can buy new clothes and accessories for your employees, or access your wardrobe and experiment with clothes you already own. You can also access your wardrobe and shop for clothes in the DedSec stash if you are looking for DedSec gear. You can also edit the appearance of multiple characters there at the same time. This is very useful as clothing stores can only customize your currently playable character.

Where to find clothing stores

There are clothing stores all over London. They are marked on your card as "Shops" with a blue T-shirt icon. However, you cannot see what specific clothing stores are in a particular area, so you may not find what you need in every mall. The best place to shop for clothes is Piccadilly Circus in Westminster. This busy area has all kinds of clothing stores in Watch Dogs: Legion. You can get evening wear, street wear, sportswear and any other style you are looking for here.

Masks are a different situation, however. You cannot buy DedSec masks in stores. Instead, you'll have to find them hidden all over town. If you're looking for more masks, check out our guide to Watch Dogs: Legion Masks, which details the location of each mask in the game. There is also a secret mask that you can get as part of an Easter egg as well.

Can you change your characters' face and hair?

Unfortunately, you cannot change your characters' faces or hairstyles in Watch Dogs: Legion. The only thing you can change is your clothes. You can't rename them or change any aspect of their identity other than their outfits. Fortunately, you can buy hats and masks that will cover up your employees' faces and hair if you don't like them. Plus, you'll wear a large mask to hide your identity in restricted areas and combat encounters.

Guard dogs: Legion is available now for PC, PS4, Xbox One and Google Stadia. The game is also coming to PS5 and Xbox Series X / S when those systems are released in early November.

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