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DAV section Tutzing. Annual booklet 2018/19


1 DAV section Tutzing annual booklet 2018/19

2 Table of Contents Annual Issue 2018/19 Page Foreword 1st Chairman 1 Tutzinger Hütte 4 Paths 8 Nature Conservation 10 Youth & Family: General Assembly of Young People From the local groups Tutzing 19 Seeshaupt 24 Penzberg 25 Kochel 27 Announcement of the DAV anniversary film 30 Reports on the training and touring program 2018 Ski technology / deep snow -Courses on the Stubai Glacier 31 Ice climbing in South Tyrol 37 Risk management on a ski tour, Jamtalhütte 42 Ski crossing Albula Alps 46 Vaya con Dios: Alpine crossing for couples, 2nd stage 49 Basic course in alpine tours, Gepatschhaus 52 Advanced course in alpine tours, Martelltal 55 High tour Wiesbachhorn 57 high tours Schobergruppe 60 portraits Gunter Lang 63 René Galus 66 Doro Wehrle 67 Faraway countries Volcano ascent on Java 69 Sahayata: Nepal and Tanzania 72 Section: Contacts, fees, members Contacts, fees 75 Deceased 77 New members 78 Anniversaries 80 Tour plans 2019 Joint tour plan of the local groups 82 Training and tour program : Practice rsicht 85 Invitation to the general meeting

3 Head of the Section Dear Section Members, Dear Friends of the Tutzing Section, Towards the end of an eventful 2018 Section year, I am pleased to present you with our current annual report and the extensive program for 2019. Our proven editorial team Sepp Auer and Konrad Kurzinger have put together for you the interesting reports from the presentations and groups as well as from courses and tours in our Tutzing section with your local groups. And here I have a request to you right at the beginning: We are looking for reinforcement for the two of them: So if you enjoy editing texts or like to layout on the computer, then just contact us. Konrad and Sepp are looking forward to meeting colleagues . First a short summary of the year of the section. The season started ideally at our Tutzinger Hütte; with a wonderful spring, a wonderful summer and autumn we had a very good hut season. Still managed as a family-friendly hut, we had a large number of family overnight stays again this year. Your donations were again used to maintain and expand the family-friendly equipment of the hut. In the area of ​​water supply and disposal, we have once again met all the requirements. We owe this to the optimizations carried out by Konrad Kurzinger and Bernd Förster. Even before the start of the season, further fire protection requirements were met this year. The locksmith Egidius Keller and Elektro Geiger were involved. Benedikt Geiger was always on hand to offer advice and assistance when the Tutzinger Hütte's combined heat and power plant stalled again. Here we will have to make the largest investment in a new lithium-ion battery system in 2019. Further renovation measures are the optimization of the drying room situation and the completion of the renovation of the valley station of the material railway. The climbing garden on the Benediktenwand is also to be further improved, which is financed, among other things, by your donations. The start of our new tenants was of course expected to be exciting. The previous tenants Elke and Hans had set a very high standard here, and of course the expectations were correspondingly high. The new hut trio Thomas and Sabine 1

4 Section board member Jauernig and Christine Seemüller started operations at the Tutzinger Hütte at the beginning of April. Well prepared, they coped with the ongoing onslaught on the Benewand and our hut in the best possible way. Now, after the end of the first hut season, we can look back and congratulate the successful hut hosts on their great start and wish them a consistently fulfilling continuation at the turn of the year and for the next few years. Further impressions can be found in the report by Hüttenwart Michael Holzer. The best way to get to know the new hosts is on a hike to a hut with a stop or even an overnight stay during the off-season. At this year's general meeting, we were able to fulfill Christl Ederer's long-cherished wish in a dignified setting and bid her farewell to her well-deserved retirement. Without their exemplary commitment over decades, the administration of the section would not have been feasible. In recognition of her services, we have made Christl an honorary member of the section. You will continue to selflessly support the handover of the office to your successor. Since this year you can view and manage extracts of your member data yourself in the section administration at With the retirement of Gunter Lang as an active technical instructor and chairman of the Tutzing local group, one of the greats in the section is leaving active offices. In recognition of his decades of outstanding services and achievements, we have made him an honorary member of the section. There is also a lot going on in our local groups: Gottfried Schütz is taking over the chairmanship of the Tutzing local group from Gunter Lang and the Seeshaupt group has had regular meetings and hikes since this year. Thanks are due to the initiators Toni Schlosser, Alois Emmler and Dieter Schmidt. Unfortunately we do not have any activities in the Feldafing and Benediktbeuern local groups at the moment, we would like to support the section work here, just contact us. Unfortunately, we also have very few activities in the area of ​​youth and family! This is all the more regrettable as the DAV included the youth plenary assembly this year in order to strengthen the youth and family in the section youth regulations. We will take this as an opportunity and give the young people the opportunity to represent their interests at the section level with their own youth plenary meeting at the beginning of 2019. Another opportunity was given to us by the community

5 de Tutzing section board unfortunately we can no longer use our popular bouldering room in the old elementary school in Tutzing due to structural defects. For this reason, we are urgently looking for premises to be able to resume training in Tutzing, simply contact us. In all projects, we can always rely on our partners in the daily section business. Whether these are our highly flexible craftsmen and suppliers from the region, the contact persons at the authorities and in the tourism sector, our neighbors from the state forest, the mountain rescue service and, last but not least, our tenants with their hut team: I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your commitment and thank you for the excellent cooperation! I would like to express my thanks and appreciation to the active members of the section for their diverse commitment as speakers, advisory board members or technical trainers, for work in the construction of roads or at the hut, for the implementation of section courses or other events. Without you, the section work would simply not be possible! We still lack volunteers. Therefore I would like to motivate all section members: Please get actively involved in our section by participating in family and youth work, in training, in events, in committee work or in specific work assignments. If you are unable to actively participate, we would of course be happy to receive your donation. Every financial support strengthens our section work. You can also support us via the new media: like us on Facebook, rate us on or enter your tours on. Every single entry counts! And now I wish you exciting entertainment while reading this annual issue and for the mountain year 2019 nice and successful tours. Axel Reisacher, 1st Chairman PS: Please note the invitation to the General Assembly on April 13, 2019 in Tutzing at the end of this issue. I look forward to your numerous participation. 3

6 Tutzinger Hütte Report from the hut consultant for 2018 Number of guests: Around day visitors. A great result was achieved with about overnight stays, especially when you keep in mind that the new host trio literally jumped into the cold water. This consolidation of the number of overnight stays at a high level proves, on the one hand, how useful the introduction of the reservation fee was and, on the other hand, that the equipment of the hut is such that there is no drop in the number of overnight stays due to a change of tenant. --- A comforting fact for the Section! Of course, all of this is only possible because behind it is a committed hut landlady Sabine with her partners Thomas and Christine as well as a motivated team of employees (up to five employees). For your achievements at this point, I would like to thank God! As the hut landlady Sabine assured me when asked, they have never regretted jumping into the deep end for a minute. --- As a hut warden you are of course very happy about such a statement! New emergency staircase at the main entrance of Tutzinger Hütte 4 New emergency staircase with back protection at the Hausstattalm

7 Tutzinger Hütte The trio of tenants introduced half-board at the hut. For overnight stays, you can book breakfast and a three-course evening menu for a package. There are at least 2 different main courses to choose from for the menu. But we also had to deal with less pleasant things in 2018. Since the devastating fire accident in Schneizlreuth in 2015, there is no longer any protection of fire protection systems for the district offices. Everything now has to be constantly converted and upgraded in accordance with the latest regulations. The main association runs with its opinion that an emergency ladder is sufficient as an emergency exit in huts that can only be reached on foot, against concrete walls of officials. For huts of our size, a fenced escape platform with emergency stairs is now required. We met this requirement at the end of the season. Even for the small training room on the top floor of the Hausstattalm, an emergency exit with a fold-out fire escape is no longer permitted. Here we also had to install an escape balcony with a fence and an emergency ladder with back protection. The same can be said of the drinking water supply. In 2019 we will not be able to avoid installing an additional micromembrane water filter. After the buildings around the Tutzinger Hütte water repellent wall at the valley station of the material station had been renovated in recent years, the renovation of the valley station of the material railway was due last season. This work was completed punctually at the end of the season on in the tried and tested manner by the Karl Gerg company. After 20 years of intensive use of the hut, renovation measures are inevitable. For the coming season, the following measures are required, as far as they are already foreseeable: 5

8 Tutzinger Hütte Renewal of the battery system Renewal / renewal of the photovoltaic system Improvement of the drying room situation Renewal of the exhaust air system, washrooms for men Renewal of the south entrance door as a front door Renewal of a roof window Renewal of the back bar system (showcase) Reconditioning of the drinks counter Renewal of the painting work in total in the guest room and partial renewal of the special grouting Various minor repairs on the ground floor Acknowledgments: We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to all the helpers who again sacrificed time in 2018 for the maintenance of our hut and their facilities. At this point I would also like to thank the companies commissioned for doing the necessary work professionally, reliably and promptly. At this point I don't want to forget the cable car attendant Hans Locher, who also carried out the maintenance of the material track last year in a tried and tested manner. Finally, I wish all members a healthy and successful year. Your hut warden Michael Holzer Our section area from the Herzogstand in the winter dawn, Source 6

9 Tutzinger Hütte Mountain Mass 2018 after a long time at the freshly restored cross The mountain mass scheduled for September 22nd was again held in 2018 together with the Tutzinger parish of St. Joseph. The mass was celebrated by our pastor Peter Brummer on the freshly restored cross, which had been put up again by the Benediktbeuern mountain rescue service last year. After weeks of beautiful weather, heavy rain was predicted for the day of the mountain mass, of all places. Thank goodness this didn't happen. At around 15 degrees it was relatively cool, but dry. Unfortunately, the traditional, musical accompaniment by the parlor music around Elisabeth Wörle was canceled this time. Thankfully the Seifert family took on this task, so that we were able to celebrate a beautiful service with around 50 people. Pastor Brummer hands over a bottle of St. Joseph sparkling wine to hut keeper Thomas Jauernig Pastor Brummer thought about what it means to be in the mountains in his sermon and came to the conclusion that under God's protection every hiker gets to his destination safely. At the end of the mass, Pastor Brummer welcomed our new hut team, represented by Thomas Jauernig, and handed him a bottle of Sankt Joseph sparkling wine. He thanked the hut landlords for their commitment and they thanked the guests with a good meal. Hardy Geissler 7

10 paths report by the path officer for 2018 During the entire hiking season, some path sponsors and I walked a large part of our extensive network of paths in order to record the condition and repair needs of the paths. There is always a need for improvement and renovation, especially on the extremely busy paths on the Rabenkopf and Herzogstand-Heimgarten. Already in January a windthrow had to be removed in the ascent to the Herzogstandhaus (path 446 / H2), which was done by the Kiefersauer company from Altlach. I was able to remove another windthrow on the same path further up myself in March. Another windthrow could be cut out by the Herzogstandbahn in the course of this summer after consultation. Towards the end of April, a late avalanche damaged part of the serpentine path to the Tutzinger hut. I was able to repair the damage promptly. Avalanche damaged Sepentinenweg Photo: Raimund Exinger There was also a wind break on Klausenweg (455) between Kohlstattalm and Eiblsfleck. On my report, the tree should be removed by the forestry office. In autumn 2017 we repaired a landslide on the access route 456 to the Tutzinger Hütte over the Lainbachtal in the Elend area with a ballast pile. This makeshift renovation still fulfills its purpose astonishingly well today. If the sweeping above this point continues to work so well The graveled path to the Rabenkopf and remain open, here should be 8

11 ways no major repairs are necessary. In spring Josef Orterer, the farmer of the Staffelalm, graveled the heavily washed out path from the Staffelalm to the Rabenkopf in the lower third at his own expense with a mini excavator. At the beginning of August, I brought acacia logs to the Tutzinger Hütte for the construction of roads. With this, Sepp Schwaller, who again this year spent his vacation building paths on the Benediktenwand, repaired the paths around the Tutzinger Hütte. A heartfelt reward to God for that! At the beginning of October there was a big wind thrown on path 451 from the Jocheralm to the Kotalm. Within a very short time, in cooperation with an employee of the Jachenau community and in coordination with the forest owner, individual fallen trees were removed and the path temporarily relocated. Path 451 in the steep section between Kochler Alm and Staffelalm has been swept away by heavy rain. I examined the damage in detail at the beginning of November in order to be able to prepare the renovation of the climb in spring 2019. In April I took part in a very informative DAV / ÖAV conference for road controllers in Kaprun. Independently of the road work, I helped with the service on the material web in May and in spring and late autumn with the transport and assembly first of the provisional and finally the final escape stairs at the Tutzinger Hütte. Max Lantenhammer, route consultant Erodierter Weg 451 between Kochler and Staffelalm 9

12 Nature conservation 10 Protecting water as well as mountains! Report by the nature conservation officer for 2018 In recent years, more and more people have discovered the Isar as a recreational area. The Isar is no longer able to cope with this leisure pressure. The upper Isar between the source and Munich is one of our last wild river landscapes. In addition, the river sections are located above the Sylvenstein reservoir and between Tölz and Schäftlarn in nature reserves. That is why the district office drew up an ordinance to reconcile recreational use and nature conservation. This ordinance will be available in the next few weeks in the Tölz district office and in various Isar communities. There the population can view them and submit comments. In order to bring the various user groups into conversation, the river talks in Benediktbeuern and the DAV specialist symposium on the upper Isar took place in October and November 2018. There is also something going on on the Loisach. Since the fish stock on the Loisach has declined sharply since its straightening with the construction of the Walchensee power plant at the beginning of the 20th century, a widening of the Loisach near the Lainbach estuary is now to be built around shallow water areas with reduced flow speed and gravel islands as spawning grounds, among other things for the Huchen to create new.This construction project, which is important for the natural diversity of the Loisach, still fails due to the concerns of some farmers about heavy construction machinery being used on their farm roads. Unfortunately, the Bavarian government is very reluctant to tackle urgent problems, such as the implementation of the water protection framework directive or the creation of a management plan for the Loisach-Kochelseemoor. The EU approved

13 Nature conservation, when these plans for the protection of our waters and the surrounding landscape are to take effect, is getting closer and closer. It is now to be feared that the plans will be implemented due to lack of time without significant participation of the population in order to prevent fines being paid to the EU. Bavaria, which used to be a pioneer in the field of landscape protection, is now clearly behind the EU directives. The EU is currently conducting a survey of the population, which will run until March, about how important it is to the people themselves to protect their waters. The Bavarian government is trying to water down this framework directive. You can find out more and sign the survey supported by the DAV under the link. Finally, I would like to remind you that I am happy to advise course or tour groups in the section on topics such as environmentally friendly ski mountaineering, the wolf, climate change in the Alps or geology and vegetation to provide information or to accompany them in their tour area. Please contact me if interested! I also offer geological and botanical excursions, see the following report. Margret Hütt, Nature Conservation Officer Even when the weather is nice, the Friedergries exudes an almost eerie atmosphere 11

14 Nature conservation geology in time-lapse and miniature format Geological-botanical excursion to Friedergries When I went to Margret, I was not aware that it is northeast of Griesen on the road from Garmisch to Ehrwald, on the edge of the Ammergebirge nature reserve, with which Friedergries is a unique natural forest reserve Hütts excursion registered. On a cloudy May day, we, nine participants from Tutzing and Penzberg, start on the edge of Griesen and follow the Naidernach upstream for about 1 km. Somewhere we leave the road to the northeast. The Friedergries natural forest reserve is not signposted on site. There is no information for visitors there, so it would be wise to entrust yourself to a local and gravel and dying trees dominate the Friedergries guided tour. Pathless and slightly uphill, it goes through gravel cracks, over sparse meadows and through the sparse tree population tangible soil formation from gravel to the forest floor. The closer we get to the center of this limestone cone, which is about 900 m high, the more hostile it appears. After all, only dead, standing and lying spruce trees - an almost apocalyptic picture, reinforced by the hazy weather. In the Nudelgraben: Layers of dolomite and marl form slightly weathered structures The approximately mx600 m large Friedergries, created by the gravel and gravel deposits of the Friederlaine, shows 12 as an example

15 Nature protection Rapidly changing river terraces along the Friederlaine: Geology in time lapse and small format, the workings of a torrent and offers some geological and botanical peculiarities. The dynamism of the changes also has to do with the fact that the dolomite rock there is stored in layers and is easily weathered, so that it can be easily transported by the water in the form of manageable boulders. The Friederlaine emerges from a ravine at the upper edge of the Friedergries and pours the dolomite rubble (semolina or semolina) carried along onto the gently sloping terrain saddle between Ofenberg, Sunkenberg and Friederspitz. Depending on the prevailing conditions, the torrent digs a new bed in the Gries in a short time, backs up existing watercourses and causes trees to die off, while new ones grow in other places at the same time. You can almost see the emergence of a landscape on a small spruce tree with aerial roots 13

16 Watch the nature conservation area as if in fast motion. Margret has photos of previous inspections with her, on the basis of which we can see on site how much some terrain points have changed within a year or two. The silver arum clings to the edge of the terrain as a pioneer plant 14 The formation of river terraces, which extends over tens of thousands of years (see for example the Isar valley between Lenggries and Tölz) can be followed along the Friederlaine within a few years. The frequent relocation of the stream bed also means that tree trunks up to a meter high are filled with gravel. They are partially stripped of the bark and form new roots. If the gravel is later washed away again, they emerge as aerial roots. Most trees do not survive such contrasting baths for long and die. Large parts of the Friedergries therefore have the ghostly appearance of a burned forest. Due to the constant movement, grits are also of great value for the vegetation, because this dynamic enables the existence of rare plants. are only competitive with frequent rubble movements. However, some places within the Friedergries also bear mountain juniper trees that are up to 300 years old. After five hours, eight kilometers and only 150 meters in altitude, we return to Griesen full of enthusiastic impressions. In the Grenzstüberl we still have the opportunity to go deeper into one or the other with a little slide show. Unbelievable what such a scree desert reveals when you approach it with the right guide. Many thanks to Margret!

17 Nature Conservation Heart-leaved globular flower A saxifrage cushion conquers a place between stones and tree stumps. By the way: Margret will repeat this excursion on May 11, 2019 (see tour plan). Konrad Kurzinger 15

18 Youth & Family Tutzing, January 1st, 2019 Dear section youth, dear youth leaders and leaders of the family group, I would like to invite you to our 1st general youth meeting on Saturday, March 16, 2019 at 2 p.m. in the Trifthof climbing hall, bouldering area agenda to the 1st General Youth Assembly of the DAV Section Tutzing 1. Opening and welcome by the youth officer, election of a recorder 2. Reports and planning 3. Presentation and confirmation of the sample section youth regulations, confirmation of youth officer 4. Requests, requests, questions, miscellaneous, conclusion Please bring your DAV -Membership card with! On our section page (you can find the link to your parents' declaration of consent for participation in our youth assembly, which you must also bring with you if you are under the age of 16. There you will also find the sample section youth regulations. Any questions? Then contact us preferably by email to your youth officer Barbara Heimerl We look forward to your participation and a great youth plenary meeting. Best regards, signed Barbara Heimerl youth officer 16

19 Youth & Family Youth General Assembly, Sample Section Youth Regulations Does everything sound damn dry? It is!! J THAT'S WHY we want to gather in the cave of the Trifthof in Weilheim, which is the lounge and party area of ​​the climbing hall. We'll provide drinks and something to nibble on, then the youth assembly will definitely not be that dry J As soon as we join After the gathering is finished, the best of the afternoon comes: We invite you to go climbing together for children and young people in the Weilheim climbing hall! If you have your own climbing equipment, you can bring your shoes and harness with you, everyone else gets the material from us, and it doesn't matter whether you've climbed before, or whether you just want to take a look at it and try it out, just come and join us Experienced supervisors and trainers will show you everything you need promised J So that we can plan a little, it would be really great if you write us a short one, preferably to or to Barbara Heimerl via At the end of around 17 Then we take a group photo with a lot of cheese and then end the hopefully informative and exciting afternoon. Climbing in the hall and on the rock We are already looking forward to seeing you, just get in touch and join us! 17th

20 Nature Conservation NOTES on the Youth General Assembly: All section members up to the age of 27 are invited and entitled to vote. Representation is not permitted. All youth leaders, all elected JDAV officials, and all leaders of children and youth groups in the section are also entitled to participate. The youth regulations were developed by the JDAV and decided by the Federal Youth Leaders Day 2017 and the 2017 general meeting of the DAV. The model youth regulation of the DAV for its sections should first be decided with the mandatory components. There are currently no applications to the youth assembly. Canoeing in the Frickenhöhle 18

21 Reports from the local groups Local group Tutzing 2018 The year 2018 will go down in history as one of the few super summer years, at least for the time being, as long as this does not become the standard due to global warming. Whereby it started in April with almost continuously nice weather and lasted until the end of October. Fortunately, it was not as dry in our latitudes as elsewhere. The touring year began earlier with the, as always, very popular night hike for young and old on a wonderful winter evening in December Gunter Lang led the 30+ participants from the Midgardhaus along the beautiful lakeshore path to the Feldafing lido and back again. The good Franconian food in the lido was very well received by everyone, and not for the first time. Then the seniors and the (somewhat) younger ones went on separate paths. The seniors were clearly ahead both in terms of the number of events and especially in terms of the number of participants. More about this in Corinna Spies' report. I limit myself to the few other tours. Alex Hauber organized the 7-lakes MTB tour in Werdenfelser Land in May. With a slightly cloudy sky, we drove up and down through a breathtakingly beautiful cultural landscape, mostly moderately steep. Unfortunately there were only three participants, but they got their money's worth. The tour ran on mostly easy paths and posed no problems for e-bikers either. Hardy, although already of retirement age, was able to keep up well without e-support. The tour to denbärenkopf started in June from Pertisau. The tunnel path was wonderful - view from Bärenkopf to Achensee 19

22 reports from the local groups beautiful and totally lonely on the Bärenbadalm (1457 m). From there then on a good climb to the summit of the Bärenkopf (1991 m). There are only a few places where surefootedness is important. At the summit you had a fantastic view of Lake Achensee and the mountains. Half of the descent was done by train. The four participants were enthusiastic about the beautiful and varied tour. The mountain tour to the Lainl waterfalls took place in early October in the golden autumn light. The five of us moved from the Jachenau first towards the Staffelalm, then on to the waterfalls, which despite the drought led to an unexpectedly large amount of water. A highlight of the day was the stop at the Lainlalm, where the entertaining dairymaid from Pfaffenhofen an der Ilm spoiled us with a good snack and cake. The local group Tutzing thanks the tour guides and wishes all members an eventful and accident-free touring year Gottfried Schütz Alex, Hardy, Georg, Gottfried and Christl at the Lainl Falls 20

23 reports from the local groups Be fine, stay together ... Notes from the Tutzing seniors The melody is probably still in everyone's ear and the text of the folk song from the 19th century is also fresh: It's about love, of course That (is) as tender as a Soafnblasn, which is why one should be faithful, ned outside. The appeal, albeit often in vain, has not lost its importance, not even in a figurative sense - for hikers and mountain enthusiasts, as we were again confirmed this season. It was high in the summer and some blood pressure, whether young or older, sometimes went weak. This is what happened on one of our hikes. The whole thing went off without a hitch, but we had to internalize the above knowledge again. Because if one of the last two is caught and all the others have already rushed far forward in their urge to move (and Werner as an infinitely patient group guardian, for once, is not there), then the partner at the side has a problem: stay or run forward for help to organize? Because also Tutzinger seniors on the way to Andechs 21

We don't have 24 reports from the local groups with cell phone acceptance. But freedom from technology and rules must have its limits. We don't want to restrict each other, but we want to look at each other. We have firmly resolved to do that again. A certain group discipline is all the more important as we are growing: a number of 30 participants is not uncommon and we were even 40 on the hike in August from Kochel over the Felsenweg to Schlehdorf. Brigitte and Werner did the good, varied planning and organization the senior group simply attractive. It started in March, as always at the beginning of the season, rather leisurely, with a hike around the Great Ostersee. Our honorary member Petrus brought dream weather in April for a wonderful spring walk on the high path from Arzbach to Lenggries, under the fresh green of the trees next to the gently babbling Isar, with the snow-covered mountains under a bright blue sky. Many did not know this route and were enthusiastic, including the stop in the garden of an Arzbach inn. Then in May the popular Eckbauer tour: a gentle ride on the old train, sunshine between spectacular towers of clouds, splendor of flowers on the meadows, good running and sweating on the varied route and finally coffee and cake in Klais. The route to the Kochler waterfall in June challenged the whole muscular system, but spoiled with forest shade and finally the cool water, on the edge of which the well-deserved snack was enjoyed. In July, at one of the many highlights of the heat wave, the ascent over the Reschbergwiesen to the Werdenfels ruins was a real nuisance. In the folk song already mentioned, there is talk of rain or wind or cut off and that rhymes with stay. In a modern version, however, the aberbrenna would have to be added. On the other hand, in August at the Kochelsee it was an easy hop through a familiar landscape, with a little siesta on the Schlehdorfer lake shore before the trip back towards Trimini. In September we once again conquered the heights above Tegernsee, the goal was the Siebenhüttenalm, where you can have a nice snack. The way there is a comfortable trot along the Hofbauernweißach, which first meanders through the village, becomes more and more lively and finally flows into a beautiful wide valley. After the break on the alpine pasture, a few brave strolled towards the Wolfsschlucht, the others strolled back on the Höhenweg, past the historic conference center Wildbad Kreuth, which is waiting for a new purpose. Instead of politicians and journalists, exuberant young horses romped about in the meadow. 22nd

25 Reports from the local groups At the end of the season it seems to be a tradition, the sweaty trekking tour in October from Machtlfing to the Holy Mountain. Without a long break at the pond and appropriate sighs and moans, this route cannot be mastered. Then comes the difficult decision between Leberkäs and roast pork and maybe a crumble cake afterwards? If only in the cloister courtyard the Sonna ned so aberbrenna dad! Corinna Spies Herbst-Weiher near Andechs 23

26 reports from the local groups Ortsgruppe Seeshaupt 2018 Last year we carried out the following hikes: May 30th Around the Eibsee July 5th From Elmau to Ferchensee August 29th On the Altherrenweg in Ammertal September 28th In the Gaistal October 31st Kramerplateauweg Notes 1. If the hiking boots are not used for a long time, the sole of the shoe can sometimes be lost; so happens at the Eibsee round. (Note: Cable ties can be used to fix loose soles in such a way that, for example, you can still descend from the Riffelscharte to the Eibsee J; this happened to me two years ago, Konrad Kurzinger.) 2. On high mountains there is a wide panoramic view, am Kramerplateauweg, on the other hand, you can watch Eichkatzln playing Fangamandl. Many thanks to the participants and organizers of the hikes. Souvenir pictures are shown on the last Monday in November. In the coming year, too, the senior group will meet every last Monday of the month at 7.30 p.m. in the parlor of the Seeshaupt retirement home, Tiefentalweg 9. Toni Schlosser 24 Our hiking group in Elmau

27 Reports from the local groups Local group Penzberg 2018 A mountain year is drawing to a close and it is time to read in the tour book what we have done. Since the snow in the mountains, unlike in the valley, was usually very plentiful, we were able to go on beautiful ski tours again. The tours began with the Isentalkopf (1925 m) near Ehrwald, then Osterfelderkopf, Rotwandreibn, Hermelekopf, Seekarspitz im Rofan as well as Igelskar and Brendlkar, both via the Coburger Hütte. We have also been to Brauneck, Benediktenwand, Rabenkopf, Herzogstand, Heimgarten and Simmetsberg several times in winter. The summer tours were undertaken with mountain bike support (without E!). We started with the Soiernhaus and the Schöttelkarspitze, followed by Rotwand, Schachen / Meilerhütte, Coburger Hütte and the Brendlkar, Pleissenspitze and Weilheimer Hütte / Krottenkopf.Although we are all no longer the youngest, a senior group has formed in recent years who undertake one or two Lärche mountain tours every month on the way to HochGlück (also with an E). The number of participants fluctuates between 9 and 14, the mileage between 60 and 25

28 reports from the local groups 100. These are quasi local history tours: women's shoe tour Ascholding, forester's lodge Aquila in the Bächental, Staffelsee bypass, around the Walchensee and and and The rest and stopping off was of course not forgotten. Apart from hunger, thirst and sore muscles, we had no complaints. In the hope that it will continue like this in 2019, we look forward to the new year. Werner Roßgotterer Benediktenwand from Penzberg from 26

29 reports from the local groups Local group Kochel 2018 On January 20, 2018, we met again for the mountain climbers' regulars table with a picture review from last year in the Gasthof zur Post. Unfortunately, there was only one mountain tour on the Guffert in summer. The remaining planned summer tours fell victim to the lack of interest. There's a lot going on on our Guffert Tour! Preview 2019: On January 19, 2019, 7:00 p.m., our mountaineering regulars table with pictures from the past mountain year will take place in the Gasthof zur Post. I ask for numerous participation. The activities of the local group Kochel planned for 2019 are again included in the joint tour plan of the local groups, which can be found later in this annual issue. Manfred Fischer is again organizing the ski tours. Günther Stingl 27

30 reports from the local groups Kochler Schitouren 2018 With very passable snow conditions and cloudy weather, we set off for our first ski tour on the Brünnsteinschanze in the Sudelfeld area at the end of January. We went at a leisurely pace over forest roads and forest clearings up to the broad summit plateau. From there we enjoyed the beautiful view of the nearby Wendelstein. The next tour took us to the Setzberg on the Tegernsee. From the Hufnagelstube parking lot, we first went up to the Rottach-Alm. After that the terrain became freer, and from the Wallberghaus it was a little steeper up to the summit of the Setzberg. On the descent, light snowfall set in in the already deeply snow-covered winter landscape. "In icy heights" on the summit of the Geigelstein at the end of February we were finally able to tackle our long-planned ski tour on the Geigelstein, a classic ski tour in the Chiemgau Alps. In icy temperatures, it went from Schleching over the former ski slope to the Wuhrstein-Alm. The warming sun was initially prevented from developing its power by a thick layer of high fog. From the Wirtsalm we then walked over beautiful slopes up to the shoulder, meanwhile the sun was also coming out. In the end we went up the summit slope to the highest point. Since the high 28

31 reports from the local groups Short break in the Brendlkar fog unfortunately soon enveloped the summit, it got uncomfortably cold and we quickly set off on the descent. Our spring tour took us to the Brendlkar in the Mieming Mountains at the beginning of April. We had actually planned to bypass the Grünstein, but the lifts to the Marienbergjoch no longer ran. So we had to reschedule at short notice, used the Ehrwalder Alm lifts as an ascent aid and enjoyed the ascent through the snow-covered Brendlkar in bright sunshine. At the Hinteren Tajatörl, the highest point of the tour, we treated ourselves to a long sunbath before we started the varied descent. Manfred Fischer 29

32 DAV anniversary film Friday, March 22, 2019, 7:30 p.m. in the town hall Penzberg A joint event by the DAV sections Tutzing and Neuland To mark the 150th anniversary of the DAV, this selection of the best mountain films covers all facets of mountain sports: skiing, climbing, Mountaineering and great expeditions to the highest mountains in the world now and then. A varied and entertaining tour through the moving history of mountain sports. Please note the date!

33 Reports on the training & tour program 2018 A lot of snow Little powder Ski technique and deep snow course in January in the Stubai At first it didn't look so good for the deep snow course. On Monday, the avalanche report had announced a high avalanche danger (level 4), over 1800 m even a very high avalanche danger (5). Fortunately, the situation relaxed quickly and so on Friday, January 26, 2018, 20 deep snow enthusiasts started the 2½-day ski technique course, which, like every year, was held by Dieter Güntner and Hannes Atze on the Stubai Glacier. It started with a fun warm-up and introductory exercise. After explaining the difference between Hannes and Dieter's course technique, we formed two groups. Mirror, mirror on the Nas' ... Hannes group first practiced on the Fernau Wall, which was a partially perfect practice area and was a lot of fun. The area was challenging, but so that you dared. Here we were shown the right skiing technique for the respective terrain. What is the difference between big and small turns? In which terrain should you put more weight on the outer ski and when should you put both equally on? When does high relief make sense and when is deep relief possible? And when do you use the And for three days always this distant view! Far left: Zuckerhütl! Drifting away? We were also shown a few aids for deep snow. For example, we practiced double-decker use. It helps some because it makes you stand better on the ski, but the other is rather confused in terms of coordination. Especially 31

34 reports on the training & tour program 2018, the course is also beautiful thanks to the pictorial descriptions by Hannes. So he explained to us about the template, for example, using a duck that always goes into template with the waves and then gets up again. The whole group in the morning at the Eisgrat-Bahn As usual, Dieter's group got down to business in difficult terrain, fast-paced and with a lot of feeling! Sounds paradoxical but it was like that! We first had to learn to feel our feet, where are we putting weight right and why. He used all sorts of tricks to do this, even with open ski boots, after initial protests, we were astonishingly safe on the road. The submission or reserve was a recurring topic. Yes, and shoulders, hips, ankles and even the ankle are needed to ski! Although we flirted with the deep snow early on, we practiced consistently on the slopes at first, which then turned out to be 32

35 reports on the training & touring program 2018 the first descent in the area immediately benefited. We enjoyed wonderful off-piste slopes with varying snow qualities and some saw the deep snow up close. As soon as there was a complaint about difficulties, there was already an exercise. Again and again we heard that we were the best group. Because there were so many of us, Teresa sometimes took over half of the pack, which was great. All in all, we learned a lot with a lot of fun, which we now only have to implement because Dieter's quote: You can only learn to ski by skiing! Unfortunately Julia tore her cruciate ligament on Saturday and had to be operated on. The operation went well and Julia has already registered for the 2019 course again. Everyone was able to take something for their own skiing technique and a feeling for the slopes and skis with them from the course. The organization and the nice dinners were also really great! Many thanks to Dieter and Hannes! But also a thank you to Dieter's daughter Teresa! At times she took over half of Dieter's group and a participant from Hannes' course was able to take two private lessons from her. Dieter's group: Christian, René, Anna, Kathi, Helmut, Michi, Conny, Isi, Sophia, Leonhard, Daniela, Teresa. Hannes group: Anna, Claudia, Isa, Flo, Julia, Freia, Fiffa, Diana. Cornelia Niederwieser-Lochmann, Claudia Czech 33

36 reports on the training & tour program Pizza, Pasta, Powderrausch Ski technique and deep snow course in March in the Stubai In the seventh deep snow heaven The sun welcomed us on a Friday afternoon in the Stubai Valley and sweetened our day with better weather than was announced. In order to make the most of the time, part of the group went straight to the slopes shortly after 12. In order to loosen up the stiff limbs from driving a car and to get used to the conditions, we started with a few simple exercises on the blue runway. After the first turns everyone was soon back on their skis and our trainers Teresa (Resi) and Dieter Güntner divided us into two groups. In the afternoon we practiced with large and small turns on more or less steep slopes. The actual deep snow skiing was only on the program for the next day. The first successes were celebrated in the evening with delicious pizza and pasta from the nearby pizzeria and the rest of the course group from Bayreuth welcomed with loving care from Ms. Nagel. The evening was fun, but not very long, because the departure for the next morning was planned for eight o'clock. With full bellies from a wonderfully ample breakfast, we made our way to the glacier on Saturday morning. Getting up early was rewarded with almost empty slopes. Unfortunately, the weather was a bit difficult, but it didn't stop us from practicing off-piste. With Teresa's group at a feedback stop, Resis and Dieter's instructions, we explored the numerous freeride variants of the ski area. All, whether with a lot

37 reports on the training & tour program 2018 or little experience, and our snowboarders were able to expand their knowledge and get their money's worth. With increasingly poor visibility, the group split up again in the afternoon. The more exhausted enjoyed hot cocoa and coffee in the cozy Dresdner hut after a few runs and waited for the rest at the valley station after their valley run. The evening before everyone was enthusiastic about their pizza and pasta choice, so that the order at the pizzeria was repeated on Saturday evening. Freeride descent and a bright glow in the distance It was bear-like! 35

38 reports on the training & tour program 2018 Stories of the day and much more exchanged. Playing cards was not neglected either. The last 24 hours went by in a flash. Delighted calls on Sunday morning: fresh snow! Even in the valley there were a few centimeters and so everyone hurried to pack their things in joyful anticipation of the conditions on the glacier. We were not disappointed: Fantastic powder runs that cushion every fall like a pillow! In the morning my group could even throw themselves into untouched slopes; our first long deep snow ride was pure enjoyment. With red faces and a smile on our lips, we stopped again at noon to recharge our batteries for the last afternoon of skiing. We should need them. The weather changed, and minimal visibility made the valley run a real challenge. Nevertheless, each of us would have accepted it again if we could have stayed longer for it. With a heavy heart, we made our way home in the afternoon with fond memories. I am sure we enjoyed all of the days very much. Annelies Drossel Loisach - Kochelsee - Moor 36 Photo: Konrad Kurzinger

39 reports on the training & tour program 2018 Livin 'la vida loca! Cross-section ice climbing weekend with fun facts "Prologue with a beer at my birthday party: Helli: And what are you doing next weekend? Geli: I'm going to South Tyrol and do the ice climbing course with Hofi. Helli: So a Schmarrn! Put it together in de Cold in such a Schattnloch. And all around there is powder for skiing. You all go crazy! February 2018 This year it is indeed difficult! Should you go on a (further) ski tour or take the opportunity to play in the ice "A question of faith that divides the camps. For the participants in the ice climbing course joint production of the DAV sections Tutzing & Starnberg, one thing is certain when they register: we want the latter. Markus and Geli are the cross-section trainer team that is responsible for international understanding around the Starnberger See takes care of it, but let's start from the beginning: We 9 participants + 2 trainers meet in Terenten (Pustertal) and see each other there for the first time is the first briefing over pizza and beer. We participants can wish for what we want to learn and experience over the next three days. For a moment, life is a request concert. HOORAY! Day 1 in the ice: The goal today is the Möselegraben; with an In Möselegraben: ideal practice area 37

40 reports on the training & touring program 2018 an hour's drive is relatively far (mountain sport is motorsport!) But very rewarding because it is lonely. Another advantage: everyone has to abseil 30 m before they can climb any meter. Conversely, this means that at the end of the day everyone must be able to pick this 30 m out of the bowl. That's what I call motivation! The difficult mixed route runs through the rock into the thin column (S). Four toplropes are quickly attached and everyone can try their hand at different levels of difficulty (WI2 to WI5). This works differently depending on previous knowledge, steepness and ice quality. All of them have a deficit somewhere; that's why we're here. Geli and Hofi gave tips on climbing techniques: triangle technique! Arc tension! Hip to the ice! Heel deep! Long arm! so it resounds here and there through the kettle. If you want, you are slowly introduced to the lead: build the stand yourself, turn the screws in the follow-up, lead with set screws, up to the freestyle, where everything has to be completely secured yourself! Abalakovs (or Kalashnikovs?) Are drilled at one station and the remaining holding forces are demonstrated by slowly picking out the drilled ice clock. The result: we never have to worry again! The holding power of a well-placed Abalakov is phenomenal. This gives you confidence in the material, in the ice and in your own abilities. As a treat, Geli adds a long ice climbing tour with a short mixed passage for those interested. The brave can try their hand at this. Eureka! What fun when it's over. The transitions from the ice to the rock and back are exciting, the route is consistently steep, the arms are thick, the breath is shallow. When you are back on solid ground you definitely feel a few inches taller; so close to the blue sky! 38

41 Reports on the Training & Touring Program 2018 Time goes on, the day is drawing to a close. After all, 11 people have to flee up over the cliff, contrary to the lemmings. This takes a while! Good 1.5h! But everyone masters this hurdle too. The day's goal has thus been achieved! On the drive home there is plenty of time to ratchet up and learn fun facts (long live the Google generation!). So we now know that pro and contra is the Latin equivalent of the Greek pro and anti. But even after a long discussion, the connection between prosthesis and antithesis is inconclusive. The question of whether there is a prolope for an antelope also remains unanswered. Day 2 in the ice: Markus and Geli already trust us to do a lot after the first day. The next destination is given accordingly: we climb the Glaucom icefall in the Ahrntal as a multi-pitch tour. The potential rope teams were already announced at dinner. Crossing rock / ice in the mixed route Only the avalanche situation (3, considerable!) Causes concern, as there is steep terrain above the icefall. No matter; you can only get an objective picture of the dangers directly on site. So we go there and go up the toboggan run with difficulty, then we feel a path that becomes steeper. It's relatively warm and we work up a sweat. Right and left we see numerous avalanche cones; one under each gutter. We get a clear lesson on risk management and what to look out for: exposure, terrain, solar radiation, avalanche warning level and temperature profile over the last few days. The only sensible consequence under the current conditions is therefore to withdraw! As a safe alternative, we continue to the Anger ice climbing garden in the Reintal. Surprisingly, it is only moderately visited for a Sunday and we find enough lines to hang in several topropes for us. We deepen what we have learned and use the safety technology for a multi-pitch length on top. Hofi 39

42 reports on the training & touring program 2018 and Geli demonstrate the construction of the stand, securing, and jumping over climbing. And that in a very small space. None of us believe that you can accommodate 3-4 stalls in 20 meters of climbing. We are wrong! The sky is the limit. Everyone is taking another giant step forward. We feel confident, have a lot of fun together, are outside together and let the sun shine on our backs. The sun and the many pimples are less good for the ice. At the end of the day we leave behind a tiered crater landscape; a Swiss cheese perforated with ice screws. In the Jarzahlwand ice fall, day 3 in the ice: At the end we want to climb an ice fall with several pitches. The year wall icefall with moderate difficulty and five pitches is ideal here. So we're going to the Reintal again. We form four rope teams. The night was cold, unlike the soft ice cream the day before, the ice cream today is brittle and stubborn. A few pieces of ice are flying, the ice ax and crampons are not as comfortable in the ice as they were yesterday. That unsettles you.After the first pitch, Börni decides to turn back, David accompanies her. So the four rope teams become three. We continue to move forward courageously. I quickly notice that I am missing the rope routine at the stand; I'm wasting time here. But since nothing rushes, Markus always waits patiently with his people until we catch up again. Meanwhile, Elli is fighting with her crampon, which keeps coming off her shoe. From then on she tries to step softly; this technique seems to be beneficial not only on the rock - the crampons hold out to the end. 40

43 Reports on the training & tour program 2018 The route is quite demanding due to the ice conditions, with short, steep upswings and what feels like a shaky traverse. Before I arrive at the booth after the toughest length, I hear the rattle of the song Livin 'la vida loca by Ricky Martin on a mobile phone. A little confused, I keep climbing until I can secure myself. Markus and his rope team are already celebrating crazy life here. They sing, laugh and wiggle their hips. With the song in my ear, I finally climb on to the exit. EVERYONE is waiting there! Börni & David also climbed through the forest to get off the climbing route to meet us. What a nice gesture! We stand up together and look at a razor-sharp mountain panorama and enjoy the moment. Elli in the standing cave What an adventure; what luck! Only mom must never see these photos J Antilog? Ice climbing with like-minded people is a short vacation for body, mind and soul. Livin 'la vida loca we live the crazy life! Helli would also go skiing! Thanks to the coaching team Markus (Tutzing) & Geli (Starnberg) we have learned a lot again! And thanks to the wonderful group for the very good atmosphere: Börni & David, Elli, Georg, Kiki, Basti, Ulli and Bozena! Gladly again. Verena Hofmann 41