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Xbox Series X: Always access to the best version of your games with Smart Delivery

At Xbox, the future of gaming revolves around you and your wishes - you as a gamer are the focus, and so are your wishes. Whether you're exploring the huge library of Xbox Game Pass with 10 million other gamers or playing your titles on the go with Project xCloud - the future of gaming will be more exciting than ever!

This is particularly evident with Xbox Series X, the fastest, most powerful console of all time. Xbox Series X raises the bar for performance, speed, and compatibility, empowering the world's greatest developers to create games that shape the future of gaming. Putting you as the player at the center also means establishing a variety of new functions and technologies to improve your gaming experience.

One of the most convenient new technologies from Xbox Series X is Smart Delivery. With this feature, you always play the best version of a title - no matter which Xbox console you are playing on. Smart Delivery is available to all developers; in addition, the feature is supported by all titles from Xbox Game Studios - including Halo Infinite - which are optimized for Xbox Series X.

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This is how Smart Delivery works

Smart Delivery makes you even more flexible when playing your favorite games. When you buy a Smart Delivery title for Xbox One, you'll get the best version of the game for Xbox One - as usual. If you then decide to switch to the next generation of consoles with Xbox Series X, the game is automatically available to you as an Xbox Series X version - at no additional cost. In addition, you don't have to choose a version to download, the better version will be displayed automatically.

Smart Delivery is not limited to digitally purchased titles. If a developer supports Smart Delivery, this function is also available for games that you own as physical discs.

Examples of Smart Delivery

In the following you will find possible scenarios in which you can use Smart Delivery to play your games in their best possible version on your current or future console. Only the current version of the game is automatically installed on your hard drive so that the annoying management of storage space is no longer necessary:

  • You're passionate about playing Gears 5 on your Xbox One thanks to Xbox Game Pass. If you buy an Xbox Series X for Christmas, all you need to do is press a button and in no time you can download the Xbox Series X-optimized version of Gears 5, which will be available when the console is launched.
  • Halo Infinite will be available for Xbox Series X and Xbox One during the holiday season. You buy the game once and get the best possible version for both consoles. If you set up your Xbox Series X in the living room, you play Halo Infinite optimized for Xbox Series X there. If you then switch to the bedroom and continue playing the game on Xbox One, Smart Delivery recognizes the console and offers you Halo Infinite for Xbox One.
  • Some Xbox One titles that are already available will also be subsequently optimized for the launch of Xbox Series X. So you can experience the atmospheric metropolis Night City of Cyberpunk 2077 at the start on September 17th on Xbox One. Then when you switch to Xbox Series X at Christmas, you'll pick up the title right where you left off on Xbox One. As soon as CD PROJECT RED publishes Cyberpunk 2077 optimized for Xbox Series X, you will automatically receive the latest version at no additional cost.

In addition, many Xbox Game Pass games are equipped with Smart Delivery, provided they support the function. Outside of Xbox Game Studios, developers are free to take advantage of Smart Delivery.

Similar to games that support backward compatibility, your progress is always there with Smart Delivery. Xbox's commitment to compatibility also means that you take your game library, with all of its advances and successes, with you across generations on Xbox Series X.

These games support Smart Delivery

Take a look now at the first games that appear optimized for Xbox Series X and thus also support Smart Delivery. In addition, there are thousands of other games available that you will be playing at the release of Xbox Series X thanks to backward compatibility. More titles will be added to the list in the coming weeks and months leading up to launch:

You can find more information about the technical features of Xbox Series X in our technology dictionary. Also, take a regular look at our collective article, which will be supplemented with additional features over the next few weeks and months. For the latest news about Xbox, check back regularly here on Xbox Wire DACH.