Why are misunderstanding parents so stubborn

Funny: The biggest myths of our childhood

Children not only ask their mothers holes in the stomach sometimes. Even big sisters and brothers are not sure of inexhaustible questions. No wonder that some big brothers and also some sisters come up with more or less clever answers to the constant bombardment of childlike questions.

From this, phrases developed that are passed on from generation to generation.

Square eyes

Sometimes the mothers themselves are not entirely innocent either. Because many mothers tell the myth of the square eyes that you get from watching television in order to keep their children from watching television. Usually the shot backfires because children are curious. You want to know: How much television does it take before I get square eyes?

Squinting is dangerous

Another remark is: "Stop squinting immediately, if someone coughs now, your eyes will stop" There are variations such as: "If you squint at midnight, your eyes stay that way." Some children find the squint all the more so Interesting. It's the thrill that's added now and makes squinting so attractive.

It is better not to swallow the seeds

The big sister harvests cherries and gives the little brother a few, not without warning: "Be careful, if you swallow the stone, a tree will grow in your stomach." The courageous little brother tries it out right away and waits in vain for years on the cherry tree in the stomach.

There are other myths about fruit: “Watch out for the watermelon. The white border is poisonous. ”Startled, the little sister hands her piece to the big brother. “I don't like it.” It's that easy to get smaller siblings to surrender.

Avoid black crosswalks

Some advice may sound good-natured: “When you cross a zebra crossing, you can only use the white stripes. If you accidentally step on the black one, a car will come and run over you. "

Spinach makes you strong

Who does not know the myth of iron in spinach. Generations of children have been forced to eat spinach, always with the advice: “Eat spinach. It will make you big and strong, because spinach has a lot of iron and that is important for your health. ”When the child turned away from it in disgust, the persistent demand came:“ Don't you want to get big and strong? ”Winding didn't help either . At some point the distressed offspring admitted. "Yes, I want to get big and strong." "Then eat the spinach" And the child choked down the spinach, and that at a time when spinach with the bubbles was still completely unknown and instead came on the table without cream . Fortunately for children, it was discovered in the meantime that the iron content was estimated to be so high only because of a miscalculation.

Do not swallow chewing gum

Another myth is that chewing gum is dangerous to swallow. “Just be careful when chewing gum. If you swallow it, your stomach will stick together. ”“ And then? ”Asks the nosy little brother. "Then you can never eat again!" Claims the big brother.

Fortunately, that's a fairy tale too, because chewing gum leaves the body naturally.

No water on stone fruit

Often times the child comes home and is thirsty. However, it has only just eaten cherries. "Now you have to wait an hour, because you are not allowed to drink anything on stone fruits," explains the mother.

But she, too, has fallen victim to a myth. As a rule, nobody gets a stomach ache just because they have previously eaten stone fruit.

Do you know any other funny myths?