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The "old" registration form was replaced by the registration confirmation.

The registration form today only refers to the application form for making a report. It is used by the registration authorities to enter the registration data in the Central Registration Register (→ BMI) when registering, de-registering or changing registration.


The registration form can be downloaded, is available at the registration office and is available in some tobacconists. A separate registration form must be filled out for each person.

The sections of the registration form must be filled in completely and legibly. The following special features must be observed here:

  • Creed: This section can only be filled in after the accommodation provider has signed the registration slip. It can also be left blank.
  • ZMR number: It is to be given as far as it is known. The ZMR number is an arbitrary twelve-digit number assigned by the system that is used by the authorities for identification.
  • Signature of the person required to report: This confirms the factual correctness of the reporting data.
  • Signature of the accommodation provider

Accommodation provider is the person who actually provides accommodation to the accommodation provider, for example

  • the owner of a house or a condominium himself, the roommate (e.g. partner, family member) or the main tenant,
  • the main tenant the roommate or the subtenant,
  • the subtenant to the roommate.
Last updated: April 14, 2021

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