Why are people unreliable

Keep your word or is reliability no longer appropriate?

Said and done!


As long as there is reliability, everything can be controlled.

Lü Bu We


Just a harmless side effect? If you forego reliability, you also put self-respect on the game. Only those who are reliable can trust themselves. Said and done! Your self-satisfaction is based on your reliability. Failure to do so leaves you feeling guilty and unsafe. But as soon as you have internalized that the decisions you have made have substance, SAID will also be DONE and that makes life easier. Because this is how you can trust yourself.




Reliability and Relationships


People who cannot be relied on should not be surprised when they are abandoned. Without reliability, the best skills are not worth much. If you can't count on anything anymore, you have to count on everything, said the French writer Jules Renard. Without reliability, you can only build on shaky ground. These are not good conditions.

Many only learn to appreciate reliability when they have to rely on other people. For many people, the word "reliable" comes from "abandoned", and whoever relies on unreliable people is abandoned. In a world where we depend on cooperation with other people, unreliability does some damage. Not only does the outcome disappoint, but relationships bruise or eventually come to an end.

Unreliability leads to stress, frustration, anger, financial damage, delays and, above all, a loss of confidence. Unreliability makes the world more complicated than necessary. Unreliability leads to a vicious circle. Unreliability leads to more unreliability. Those who get involved in them for short-term benefit will soon be left behind. That is why reliability is a particularly important value, because the reliability of one affects the life of the other.






Reliability makes our life easier. Do you need more justification? Apparently yes, because this argument obviously doesn't have enough pulling power. The unreliability is rampant in many areas, in the world of work and also in private life.

Unfortunately, it shows up too often; many meet for fun - when things get serious, you are alone. Reliable people are therefore highly valued. You are trusted because such trust has been shown to be justified. And it's worth it in many ways for everyone involved. The most important tasks are entrusted to the most reliable people. Those who have a strong sense of responsibility and tackle the necessary challenges.




Because of: I am what I am!


Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that; No more excuses and excuses. Reliability does not require any genetic prerequisites. Reliability is first and foremost a question of habit and therefore self-discipline. For example, if you lack organization, you can improve it with suitable time management and routines. Even small steps have a big impact. Those who cannot act reliably on a small scale will hardly do better on a large scale. He who is faithful in the least is faithful also in the great; and whoever is unrighteous in the least is unrighteous also in the great. It has been in the Gospel of Luke for a while in the Bible. So the topic is neither new nor bearded, because even today it is a common topic in coaching and self-help literature. What it really takes is the decision to move forward. Then train your reliability. And if you want a trainer ...