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Dragon Ball: 20 Things Everyone's Getting Wrong About Gohan

Dragon Ball ZIt was the first anime series that many people remember watching it, which resulted in it becoming an important part of their upbringing.Dragon Ball Zwas similarPokémonIt became popular around the time the internet became more general which resulted in the show gaining a huge fandom online.

The sporadic publication date of the English original of theDragon Ball ZAnime, along with some less trustworthy translations of the material that was available in Japan, meant that much inaccurate information about the series was posted online.

Gohan was one of the characters who has seen many misunderstandings over the years, especially considering the number of times scenes he was involved in were censored due to depictions of violence against a child in the show's original English dub. Dragon balland it is time for the wrong information and misunderstandings about him to be put to rest for good. Dragon Ball -from the name of his last metamorphosis to the truth of his ultimate confrontation with Perfect Cell.

Here are the 20 things everyone is getting wrong about GohanDragon ball!

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20 The shape that old Kai gave it was called “Mystic Gohan”.

During the Majin Buu saga there is a scene where Goku breaks down the various Super Saiyan forms and gives them all names and numbers.

The creators of theDragon ballZVideo games have given this form several different forms over the years, but the one adopted by fandom was "Mystic Gohan," which has never been used in any official capacity. Dragon ballManga or anime series.

19 He was forced out of the protagonist role due to fan backlash

The Majin Buu saga begins with Gohan as the new protagonist of the series, as he is now a high schooler who takes on the role of a superhero in the fight against crime.

There has been speculation among fans that Gohan was removed from the protagonist role by those who wanted Goku to lead due to a fan game in Japan. Dragon ballManga.

18 Its design was brand new

Those who are fans of Akira Toriyama's work outside ofDragon ballwill quickly find that he reuses many designs with video games likeChronograph, blue dragon,and theDragon QuestSeries with copies by Bulma, Goku, Gohan and Trunks.

Akira Toriyama has created many different mangas beforeDragon Ball,This included a prototype of the series called Dragon Boy. Dragon boyis a kid named Tanton whose adventure resembles that of the firstDragon ballStory arc.

17 He lost his tail three times

TheDragon ballManga wasn't that far before thatDragon Ball ZAnime in terms of content, which meant that a considerable amount of filler material was needed to give Akira Toriyama more time to work on the comic.

One ofDragon Ball ZIn filler episodes, Piccolo had to remove Gohan's tail a second time after tripping over the space pod that brought Goku to Earth.

16 The Dragon Ball manga ended with him defeating the cell

There are someDragon ballHowever, fans convinced that Akira Toriyama wanted to break off the story at various points in time had to continue due to the popularity of the series. Dragon ballManga to the end.

There is no documented record of Akira Toriyama who has ever said that he wanted to close the story with Gohan's graduation from Perfect Cell.

15 The future Gohan threw his life away for no reason

Dragon Ball Z: The Story of the Trunksshows Trunks' upbringing in the timeline, in which the androids defeated the Z-Fighters, and how he became a student of Gohan. The story of the trunksFor many fans, Gohan was the reason Gohan threw his life away in a pointless battle against the androids when he had the potential to one day become stronger than them and defeat them once and for all.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2gave a reason for Gohan's latest stand in A Desperate Future where he stumbled upon the older version of Trunks.

14 He never achieved Super Saiyan 3 or Super Saiyan 4

Gohan was the first person to ever achieve the Super Saiyan 2 form. This was up to his progress, however, as he dropped out of training after defeating Perfect Cell and his next power was transferred to him from the Old Kai. Dragon ballMedia.

The Japan exclusiveDragon Ball HeroesThe video game allowed the player to use the Super Saiyan 3 transformation with Gohan, including the young and future versions of the character. Dragon Ball Heroes,as shown in one of the animated cutscenes used in the game.

13 He wasn't made to protect the world without Goku

Gohan had the bloodline and the potential to become one of the most powerful warriors in AmericaDragon ballUniverse, but he had a gentle heart, which meant that he never had the same fighting spirit as his father.

Dragon Ball Online(This was the official sequel to the series before the release ofSuper) proved that Gohan had what it takes to protect the earth.

12 Piccolo taught him how to use the special jet cannon

Piccolo's signature attack is the Special Beam Cannon. This is the same move he used to kill both Goku and Raditz at the beginningDragon Ball Z.Piccolo would use the Special Beam Cannon on a number of occasions, but it would never be as powerful as it was when it was first introduced.

Piccolo taught Gohan some of his moves, most notably the Masenko, during his training together, but he never officially taught him the special beam cannon. Dragon Ball ZAnime shows Gohan during the telepathic battle with Krillin on the way to Namek with the Special Beam Cannon. However, this happened in a filler episode and is not considered canon.

11 Akira Toriyama designed Super Saiyan Gohan

Gohan turned into a chapter of theDragon ballManga called "The Complete Cell" which was first published on July 12, 1992 inWeekly Shonen jumpMagazine.

The firstDragon ballVideo game on the Super Nintendo was calledDragon Ball Z Super Saiya Densetsu,That was published in January 1992. The people atThe cutting surfacediscovered that Super Saiyan Gohan has a character sprite in the game's files, although the story ends with Goku fighting Frieza on Namek. Great Saiya Densetsuwanted to use Super Saiyan Gohan as a secret character (since Super Saiyan Vegeta also appears in the game) and that Akira Toriyama shot it down since Gohan hadn't had to transform into the manga just yet.

10 He knows the difference between 3 & amp;

Akira Toriyama is a notoriously forgetful person, which is why theDragon ballSeries had several inconsistencies and why some characters were abandoned, such as: B. Launch.

The introduction of Gohan in theDragon ballManga got one of the fastest retcons in comic book history when it revealed to Bulma that he was three when he raised three fingers. Dragon ballManga changed Gohan's lineage in relation to its age, but kept the three fingers as that would have changed the artwork.

9 He had a dream about the cell

Gohan missed most of the early battles with the androids when he had to take his ailing father home to give him the drugs for the heart virus that Trunks had left behind.

The scene in which Gohan dreams of Perfect Cell was created by the anime team and never occurred in the originalDragon ballManga.

8 The reason he had a tail while Goten & amp;

Gohan is a semi-human Saiyan hybrid and was born with the Saiyan tail and the ability to transform into a great ape. Dragon ball.

Akira Toriyama claimed in an interview for the US version ofShonen JumpThat the tail is a recessive gene is an answer fans have used as a canonical explanation for years. Dragon Ball 30th AnniversaryBook where Akira Toriyama revealed that he had taken off the tails as he was annoyed by the logistics of how the Saiyans would put their clothes on.

7 He told Nappa that he smells

The English boys fromDragon ballI've always toned down the language for the versions of the show to air on TV, and characters often shout out words like “Darn” when hit.

There is an instance in theDragon ballAnime that fans originally thought was a creation of the dub, as Gohan Nappa shares, smells and makes Vegeta laugh.

6 he attacked social workers & amp;

Gohan was pushed into the lead role from a young age, which resulted in audiences falling byDragon ballhad no chance to spend much time with him before he was thrown into battle against the Saiyans.

The creators of theDragon ballAnime produced several filler episodes in which Gohan starred during the Saiyan saga in order to refine his character a little before returning to his training.

5 He had an abusive teacher

The story of theDragon ballZanime added an entire fountain pen sheet after the Frieza saga, which involved a character from the films named Garlic Jr. These episodes were followed by even more fillers, including one about Gohan's domestic life.

The episode titled "Frieza's Counterattack" has a story in which Chi-Chi hires a teacher named Mr. Shu to help Gohan with his studies.

4 He met Mercenary Tao

The mercenary Tao was one of Goku's first villains, as he was both a ruthless assassin and a skilled martial artist who almost killed Goku with a Dodon Ray. Dragon ballManga was during his fight with Tien at the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament, which ended in his defeat and was swept away by Master Shen.

Gohan met Mercenary Tao before the Cell Games were due to begin, which Tao broke out when he discovered that Gohan is Goku's son. Dragon Ball foreverthat mercenary Tao and Master Shen perished in a flawed business, which may have happened before the Cell Games.

3 He dated a girl named Angela

TheDragon ballThe series made a serious change during the Great Saiyaman Saga when the story of Gohan destroying Perfect Cell became an anime version of Peter Parker while juggling his academic career with a superhero.

The manga mainly dealt with Videl trying to reveal the identity of the Great Saiyaman, but the anime staff took the opportunity to write several episodes about Gohan's life in high school.

2 He destroyed eight Cell Juniors

Perfect Cell was able to make small copies of himself, which he called Cell Juniors.

The Cell Juniors were easily dispatched by Gohan after transforming into a Super Saiyan 2, but it seems like he destroyed one too much. Dragon Ball KaiThe bug has been fixed so that Gohan only destroys seven of the Cell Juniors.

1 He was afraid of taking a life

Akira Toriyama should probably have made Gohan a little older at the start of the series as a four year violent martial arts adventure can hardly be imagined while at the same time becoming the most adapted member of the Z-

It can also be difficult to root Gohan if he spends a lot of time crying and crouching, which was a mistake that initially repeats itself with DekuMy hero academia.Gohan earned a rap for being too soft, but that didn't stop him from defeating Sui at the beginning of the Namek saga, destroying all of the Spice Boys, and massacring several villains in the films like Bojack.

Are there other misconceptions about Gohan inDragon ball?