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Digital presentation and sales channels are becoming more and more important for international business. How companies benefit from advisory and funding offers.

Please note the funding modalities and the scope of funding for all programs.

Federal program promotes digital market development

The funding program go-digital of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy promotes targeted consulting and implementation services in the modules digital business processes, digital market development and IT security.

The digital market development module aims to support companies with regard to the marketing and development of new markets and customer groups. Interested companies can find an authorized consulting company in their region via an interactive map. The following content is funded:

  • Development of a company-specific online marketing strategy
  • Establishment of a professional website for marketing
  • Introduction of your own online shop or use of external auction, sales or service platforms
  • Social media tools, website monitoring and content marketing
  • Subordinate business processes of an online shop, such as the provision of goods and payment procedures

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Funding programs for digital marketing at state level


RKW BW digitization consulting
The Rationalization and Innovation Center of the German Economy (RKW), Landesverein BW, supports companies in the development and implementation of a specific marketing strategy. That is becoming more and more important digital marketing, i.e. the planning, implementation and control of marketing with digital instruments: social media marketing, content marketing, search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine advertising (SEA).

The following areas are supported in line with the company's strategy:

  • Simplify and accelerate marketing processes
  • Obtaining and evaluating data, for example for market research
  • Implement e-commerce applications
  • Build digital marketplaces

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Go International
The funding project aims to support the Bavarian export industry. The project of the Bavarian Chambers of Commerce and Industry and the Chambers of Crafts promotes the internationalization strategy of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Bavarian SMEs receive financial support and advice in order to open up new foreign markets.

Funded measures for one or two target markets are websites. In addition, participation in trade fairs, product certifications, employee training and brochures for the international market are promoted.

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RKW digitization consulting
In order to meet the individual needs of medium-sized companies in terms of digitization, RKW Bayern e.V. offers personal digitization advice.

In addition to digital transformation, digitization of the process landscape and IT security, the focus of the consultation is on the Digitization of Marketing.

  • Modern and contemporary web applications such as websites and apps
  • Creation of a customer-oriented marketing strategy
  • Establishing online marketing
  • automated, personalized and multi-channel customer approach
  • Professionalization of search engine marketing and social media marketing

Digitization of sales

  • Online sales channels via web shops, electronic marketplaces, social media
  • Accessibility 24/7 via digital customer support
  • Provision of digital marketing aids and configurators
  • Summary of all customer information and control of the field service via one system, e.g. in a CRM system

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Funding program for market development by SMEs (GRW-Markt - International)
Small and medium-sized enterprises are encouraged to open up foreign markets by actively participating in internationally oriented trade fairs, Advice and coaching. Digital events are expressly included in the funding:

  • Active participation in particular in internationally oriented trade fairs, exhibitions, information events, symposia, congresses, pitchings and virtual formats of the measures mentioned at home and abroad with product-specific orientation, provided that these are not used for direct sales

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Digitization consulting
Small and medium-sized companies, the self-employed and freelancers can take advantage of consulting services for the digitization of business processes as well as products and services with state funding.

In addition to digitizing the process landscape or IT security, the focus is on Digitization of Marketing.

  • Web applications taking usability into account (considering all end devices), e.g. websites, apps
  • Online sales channels, e.g. web shops, e-support, electronic marketplaces
  • automated, personalized and multi-channel customer approach
  • Professionalization of search engine marketing and social marketing

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Go International funding program

The program for the internationalization of SMEs offers advice, coaching and support in the implementation of an internationalization plan. The promotion of Marketing activities and their translation for a target market. This can be publications, advertisements or an international website.

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One Overview of the funding The portal provides for the digitization of medium-sized companies at the federal and state levels:

The RKW digitization cockpit supports orientation in the specialist topic of digitization using successful company examples: