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Defended peace-political positions

Eight months before the general election, a position paper on peace and security policy is causing a stir in the Left Party. The left-wing member of the Bundestag Matthias Höhn published it a week ago. Among other things, he calls on his party to find answers “beyond disused friend-foe images”. Indirectly, he pleads for an end to the general rejection of military missions by the left. Otherwise, according to Höhn, one could not credibly advocate a strengthening of the UN and its primacy in the prevention and settlement of conflicts. In addition, Höhn sees considerable “savings and disarmament potential” in the creation of “joint European armed forces”.

Since then, many groups in the party have expressed criticism of the paper. But there was also a lot of approval from comrades and sympathizers of the left, who want Höhn's positions to have majorities in the party, because this would give them a better chance of obtaining a power option in an alliance with the SPD and the Greens at the federal level.

Meanwhile, the Left Federal Executive adopted a declaration on Saturday entitled "No softening of the peace policy position". The "nd" present paper largely agrees with a statement previously adopted by the NRW-Linke. However, unlike the NRW state executive committee, the top federal government does not mention the reason for clarification.

The federal executive board decided on its statement "unanimously, with a few abstentions and no dissenting votes," said party leader Katja Kipping on Monday when asked about it. Therefore, there is no need for any further comment. In the executive board paper it is said that there is »no reason« to move away from the previous positions set out in the Erfurt program of 2011 and therefore make it clear that the Bundeswehr »must be brought back from all missions abroad« and that all missions abroad must continue to be rejected » regardless of the organization under which they take place «. The left will continue to advocate a “gradual disarmament of the Bundeswehr”. The party's demand for NATO to be replaced "by a collective security system with Russia participating" is also repeated. A "European army and other militarization projects" did not lead to more security, but "only safeguarded corporate interests militarily".

Höhn explained to the decision that it was "pretty weird when the board thinks it has to clarify things that no one has questioned." "We are all against militarization and armament," said the member of the Bundestag to "nd" on Monday. From the party he got "mostly completely different feedback". A debate on contemporary left security policy is desired. "And it has to be managed," demands Höhn.

Frank Tempel, a member of the party executive, told the nd that he had abstained from the vote on Saturday. A dissenting opinion is not always "the great attack on the foundations of the party." Tempel would have found it better if the board had first sought an internal conversation with Höhn about his theses. The board decision is not a good way of dealing with an offer for discussion.

Supporters of Höhn's position pointed out in the online media that the majority of left voters had voted for the party because of their socio-political demands and not because of their rejection of war missions. Social Democrats also agreed. Most recently, the deputy SPD leader Kevin Kühnert expressed himself positively. If the Left followed Höhn's approaches, they would "no longer make the exit from NATO and the end of all foreign deployments of the Bundeswehr a prerequisite for entry into government," said Kühnert to the "Tagesspiegel am Sonntag". That would be "a big step" for him.

The left-wing MEP Özlem Alev Demirel and the Federal Council of Spokespersons of the Communist Platform (KPF) in the Left Party published critical statements on Höhn's paper. Demirel accuses the comrade of "pouring water on the mill of those who" want to position the EU as a major military power anyway. " The powerful EU states are also concerned with "raw materials and sales markets, but not least also with dominance in the area of ​​the new tech geopolitics." The KPF spokesman's council believes that Höhn and other politicians from the reformer camp are essentially concerned with the left in June adopting an "election program that accepts the FRG's raison d'etre".

Paper by Matthias Höhn: matthias-hoehn.de Replica by Özlem Demirel: oezlem-alev-demirel.de; Statement by the KPF: kpf.die-linke.de/erklaerungen

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