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This week, a decentralized vaccination station in Uslar was put into operation for Uslar and Bodenfelde.

Uslar / Bodenfelde - The vaccination against Corona on site is well received. Uslar's mayor Torsten Bauer and his Bodenfelde colleague Mirko von Pietrowski were delighted about this on Monday morning when they visited the decentralized vaccination station in Uslar in the building in which the Tüv was housed before the move to the industrial area.

During this week, those eligible for vaccination from priority groups I and II (over 70 years of age) are to be vaccinated. 200 vaccinations per day are planned. The patch of Bodenfelde had written to the residents in question (300 over 80 years of age and 340 over 70 years of age). 165 took advantage of this service of the congregation and filled out the contact form. The community then arranged the vaccination appointments for them in Uslar.

In Uslar and the districts, the fire brigades and the DRK Uslar asked those eligible for vaccination with great voluntary commitment: There were 1200 responses on vaccination, for which the city administration arranged vaccination appointments. A great effort, confirmed the mayors on site. The offer was gratefully accepted, reported Mirko von Pietrowski. Above all, people are surprised that after long waiting times and countless attempts on the vaccination portal phone for an appointment at the Northeim vaccination center, everything has now been agreed on site within two days.

At the decentralized vaccination station in Uslar you register in front of the former test hall, then you continue in the one-way system: You fill out the health questionnaire and the declaration of consent in the test hall. Afterwards, an explanatory discussion is possible in a space between the Tüv and the previous registration office, if so desired.

The vaccination takes place in the premises of the former registration office. This is done by mobile vaccination teams from the Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund (ASB) and the Johnanniter-Unfall-Hilfe. From there it goes through the former entrance door into a tent that was set up by the DRK Uslar. There you spend the required 15-minute waiting time after the vaccination before you are finished and can go.

The second vaccination appointment will be scheduled by the country and will be notified in writing. The vaccination station in Uslar was previously inspected by the health department and declared permissible. The system is well suited, it was said with a view to the logistics and also to the parking facilities in front of the door. The vaccination teams from ASB and Johannitern and the helpers from the Uslar city administration were provided with coffee by the local DRK association in Uslar. The decentralized vaccination campaigns in the district started in Dassel. After Uslar / Bodenfelde, Moringen, Bad Gandersheim and Katlenburg are planned. Information / registration for vaccination in Uslar for the priority groups I and II: Citizens' Office Uslar, phone 0 55 71/30 72 00. Frank Schneider


Frank Schneider

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