What is your gamer day and why

Find a gamertag: We'll tell you which gamertag suits you! (Quiz)

Do you plan to create a new player profile? Do you find it exhausting to come up with ideas about what the gamertag could be called? No problem! We read your personalities like open books and find out which gamertag is right for you. All you have to do is copy and paste the result - you're welcome!

Answer the following questions:

When you have answered the questions, we will tell you a gamertag that you believe will be that it suits you.

Don't take it too seriously!

The suggested gamertags are natural not meant very seriously. But you've probably noticed that yourself. Perhaps you will still find a gamertag that suits you among the suggestions. Let us know!

Write us in the comments what result you got out and tell us how well the displayed gamertag actually corresponds to your personality. Perhaps by chance there is even a gamertag that you already use?

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