What is a Sogie Invoice

The congstar bill

On the first page of the invoice you will find an overview of the services and the invoice amount due. From the second page of the invoice, we list details of the services provided.


We show the net amount on the invoice and note the corresponding VAT rate behind it. The net amounts are then totaled and VAT added. Exception: credits are always shown gross. You will find the gross amount that is relevant for you and to be paid at the end of the invoice.

Connection charges

Connection fees are fees that are not covered by tariffs or options and are therefore billed according to usage.

Examples of connection fees are: data connections, incoming connections abroad, sending SMS abroad, MMS to landline and mobile, special SMS services, sending SMS to German mobile networks, sending SMS abroad, connections to German mobile networks, connections abroad, connections abroad, Connections to the German landline network.

One-time charges

The one-time fee is billed once and includes, for example, the connection price (provision fee).

Monthly wages

Monthly fees are monthly recurring fees such as basic fees or fees for an option.

Credits and perks

Please note that we show credits and discounts on the invoice as a negative amount.

Perks and discounts can relate to various components of the invoice:

  • Discounts on one-off charges
  • Discounts on monthly fees
  • Discount on contract


If your customer account shows a credit balance at the time of invoicing, the current invoice will be offset against this credit. If your bill is higher than the credit, only the difference will be debited from your bank account. You can find any credit you may have on the first page of your monthly statement as "Credit in your customer account on the invoice date".

A negative invoice amount means that the credit you have received is greater than the paid services you used. In this case, we will not collect any money this month. Any remaining amount will be credited to your customer account and offset against the next monthly invoice.

Additional services from other providers - third-party providers

The services of other providers are so-called value-added services (special or premium services). This includes, for example, raffle hotlines or SMS, voting hotlines or SMS, ring tones, videos or pictures (if necessary by subscription) from special third-party providers.

Congstar has no influence on the creation of a third-party subscription. If you have any complaints or questions, please contact the provider specified on your invoice. If you want to prevent further subscriptions in the future, we recommend that you set up a third-party block. Simply contact our customer service. Please note that this does not cancel existing subscriptions.

With regard to third-party services invoiced, we will inform you of their names and summonable addresses on our toll-free number 0800-9797500. For service providers based abroad, we will also inform you of the summonable address of a general delivery agent in Germany.

To third-party blocking