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Ouija Brett: With these rules your séance will be a success

Talking to a ghost is impossible? Nonsense! With an Ouija board you can get in touch with spirits, the dead and supernatural beings. Provided you stick to the rules and ask the right questions ...

The candle flickers, a cold breeze strokes my bare arm with clammy fingers. Then the pointer moves on the Ouija board and my heart starts pounding like crazy. It's the first time I've tried such a witch's board myself, so far I've only known it from films and the fantastic series Penny Dreadful *, which is set in Victorian England. These atmospheric scenes have always had a special fascination for me: Halloween, a Halloween party or a horror film evening offer the perfect setting for a necromancy.

In order for the necromancy to work, it is important to take certain precautions and to adhere to a few rules. The fun and goose bumps factor stands and falls with the atmosphere! So switch off smartphones, darken the room, light incense sticks and candles or, best of all, lay out the Ouija board on a tree stump on a full moon night around Halloween in the fog-flooded forest and start the séance surrounded by the sounds of the forest.

The rules for a Ouija Séance are simple. It is important that all participants are physically and mentally healthy and have not recently been exposed to stress such as deaths, pregnancies, illnesses or separations.

And how long does a Ouija session last? You should plan about 15-45 minutes for a séance!

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Ouija Brett - Messages from the beyond

That shudder when the pointer moves over the Ouija board by magic ...

The Ouija board is a spiritualistic aid that enables contact with spirits and supersensible beings. The board has many names, it is also known as the witch board, soul writer or alphabet board. The Ouija board is usually labeled with the alphabet as well as numbers and various words such as “yes”, “no”, “thank you” or “I'm going”. It also includes a pointer on which all Sèance participants place at least one finger or hand. This pointer now moves across the board and marks characters without anyone consciously influencing it and moving it ... 😉

When interpreting the signs, the message from the hereafter reveals itself crystal clear or confusingly unclear and ambiguous. Most spiritualists agree that the messages come from psychic beings or the deceased and are paranormal signals.

7 precautions that favor necromancy

  1. The right time: No séance in daylight! From autumn onwards you should start the séance at 8 p.m. at the earliest in the dark season, and later in the light season! As a rule of thumb: maximum twilight is okay.
  2. The right place: Choose a location for the incantation that is dark and favors a gruesome atmosphere. Definitely draw the curtains at a séance at home! Ideal locations: ruins or abandoned buildings, dark forest, cellars, former cemetery grounds.
  3. Food for the spirits: Burn incense sticks and light candles as the only source of light, the ghosts feast on the smoke. Simply switch off smartphones and disruptive noise sources,
  4. Position of the Ouija board: Place the board on as flat a surface as possible (center of the table or tree stump, etc.) in your center, everyone must have a good view of the witch's board and can easily reach the pointer with one hand.
  5. The duration of the session at a glance: To keep an eye on the 20 - 40 minutes for a session, use an incense stick (burning time) or an hourglass to set the time period.
  6. Questions ready ?: Before the séance, clarify what questions you want to ask the spirit beings. It is best to write them down on a piece of paper and have it ready with a pen so that you can also write down the answers during the séance. Duplicates are sorted out and the questions are sorted in advance according to relevance.
  7. Who is the medium Determine one with the closest possible connection to the spirit world who speaks to the spirit. He or she should be able to act as confidently as possible in unexpected situations and ideally have experience in consulting oracles. It should sit as centrally as possible in front of the Ouija board and the hand of the medium lies at the bottom of the pointer. She is the only person speaking during the person!

Summoning with the Ouija Board: The 7 Rules

You can never operate an Ouija board alone! It requires at least two people and the procedure for each séance is identical. Ask the questions as precisely as possible and the most relevant questions first! Additional and inquiries can only be made by the selected person.

No cigarettes should be smoked and alcohol should not be drunk during a séance. Chatter, giggles and debates destroy the mood and drive away the spirit and should be avoided or lead to the termination of the séance!

  1. The medium or selected person communicating with the mind places their hand on the marker first
  2. Everyone present put at least one finger on the marker. Every sign on the board must be easily accessible to everyone.
  3. The medium begins by asking opening questions such as "Is a spirit present?" If you want to make contact with a certain spirit / deceased and are in a place that favors contact, it is advisable to address this spirit directly.
  4. It usually takes a while before the pointer on the Quija board begins to move, don't get impatient!
  5. As soon as you get the first answer, you should definitely ask if it is a benign ghost! If so, go ahead!
  6. If the spirit answers the question about its attitude negatively, it is essential to break off the session!
  7. The séance with the Ouija board ends when the time is up (hourglass has run out / incense stick has burned down). The medium thanks the spirit being, you say goodbye and the séance is over.

Buy Ouija board

An American inventor had already applied for a patent for the Ouija board since 1891. There is now a nice selection of different witch boards to buy. In addition to small shops, it is a good idea to see what amazon * has to offer.

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What is the truth about the Ouija board?

And now hand on your heart. Of course, the effect of Ouija boards has not been scientifically proven! And very few people believe that a genuine spirit or the deceased communicates with you and proclaims disturbing truths to you. But: on Halloween or any other suitable occasion, it is a lot of fun to unpack the Ouija board and hold an atmospheric séance. It is definitely an experience that I would like to repeat and can only recommend to every friend of horror atmosphere and scary atmosphere. And who knows if your séance will reveal another kind of experience after all?

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