Are Eva and Zsa Zsa twins

Zsa Zsa's urn is by his bed

Los Angeles (AP) - He inherited millions from Zsa Zsa Gabor. "Financially I am doing great," assures the widower of the actress, six months after the death of his wife.

But Prince Frederic von Anhalt is not in the mood to celebrate. The native German will be 74 years old on June 18, exactly six months after Gabor's death. On December 18, 2016, the Budapest-born film diva ("Moulin Rouge") and former "Miss Hungary" died at the age of 99. "A party without my wife - that's too sad," von Anhalt told the German press agency shortly before his birthday.

He continues to live in the luxury villa in Bel Air, where he moved in as Gabor's eighth husband more than 30 years ago. "I haven't changed anything in the house. Everything still reminds of Zsa Zsa and that's how it should stay." Gabor's long-term grand residence, where Howard Hughes and Elvis Presley had previously lived temporarily, has been owned by an investor since 2013. He bought the villa for 15 million dollars under special conditions - Gabor had lifelong right of residence, he himself could stay at least until June 2018, says von Anhalt.

And then? The adoptive prince has already bought a penthouse apartment in Los Angeles. "But I assume that I will end up in Berlin," says von Anhalt. He was always "happy" there. He has already acquired a beautiful country house in Brandenburg. He dreams of traveling around Europe by car, visiting friends and doing sports. "I miss Germany," emphasizes the Californian by choice, who was born as Hans-Robert Lichtenberg in Wallhausen in the Hunsr├╝ck into a large family.

He purposefully fulfilled his Hollywood dream. He obtained the nobility name from the title dealer consul Hans-Hermann Weyer in Munich. As a German prince he triumphed in Hollywood, met Zsa Zsa at a party in 1982. The couple married four years later.

The memory of his wife is now keeping him busy, says von Anhalt. Filming of a US documentary about Gabor's eventful life will start at the end of June. A German broadcaster also asked, says the prince. In New York he is planning a fashion show of Gabor's valuable wardrobe, and her antiques are also to be auctioned. "I'm all alone here, there is no longer a family," says the widower. Because of all the work, he has no time to go out.

And apparently there is also a lack of desire for Hollywood's party life. "I feel most comfortable in my old German jogging suit in the house." After all, there was Gabor at his side. "Even if it's just an urn with ashes, my wife is always around me," explains von Anhalt. The gold-plated urn has a place of honor by his bed with a burning candle, fresh flowers and the couple's wedding photo.

He currently has no plans for a funeral. After the memorial service in December, it was first said that Gabor should probably be buried next to her father in a cemetery in Budapest. Or in the Westwood Village Memorial Park in Los Angeles, where Gabor's daughter Francesca and her sister Eva are already buried. It is the final resting place for many filmmakers, including Farrah Fawcett, Peter Falk, Burt Lancaster and Jack Lemmon. "As long as I live, the urn stays with me, regardless of whether I live here or in Germany," affirmed the widower. "If I die, they can bury us somewhere together."

"I'm alone, but I'm not lonely," von Anhalt ponders about his life. "At the moment the curtain is closed," says the single prince about possible new acquaintances. A handful of servants are currently keeping him company in the big house. And soon maybe one more resident. "I want to get a dog again, preferably a German shepherd."

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