How are satellites used commercially?

Who romps in space?

OneWeb is working on a satellite constellation to offer broadband from above. The London-based company has so far launched 74 of its Airbus-built satellites and completed half of the 44 ground stations required. A total of 588 satellites are planned in the first stage in order to be able to offer a worldwide Internet service.

It is currently unclear whether these satellites will ever enter orbit. For some time now, OneWeb ran out of money during the Corona crisis. The company filed for bankruptcy at the end of March. An impending bankruptcy would be a severe blow to European space travel: half of all Arianespace launches planned for 2020 were supposed to launch OneWeb satellites into space. With $ 238 million, OneWeb is in the chalk at Arianespace.

But the satellite operator is apparently still convinced that it will be able to steer financially back on the safe path. At the end of May, the company submitted an application to the US regulatory authority FCC to allow almost 48,000 satellites to be put into orbit. The corona pandemic has revealed a greater need for a global internet connection, according to OneWeb. The strong increase in the number of satellites makes it possible to meet this demand.

In addition to OneWeb and SpaceX, other providers have also submitted new applications to the FCC: Telesat wants to send almost 1,700 satellites into orbit, Kepler 360, Viasat 288 and Mangata Networks around 800. Our earth will not be emptier in the coming years .