Can I wash my electric bike with water?

How do I care for my e-bike? 5 tips for cleaning & maintenance from a professional

September 14, 2018 - Written by: Andreas

We show you how to properly care for your e-bike

An e-bike is equipped with electronics and is usually more stressed than a normal bike due to the increased speed. So it's time to write down some tips for caring for your e-bike.

1. Clean the e-bike regularly

The number one rule is: Regular cleaning. Don't let the dirt harden and dry out first. Then it attacks the bike and is of course more difficult to remove. The bike should be rinsed off with water, especially after trips through mud or along the coast, where salty air and salt water can rust the bike very quickly.

2. Clean the e-bike properly

Stay away from the pressure washer! The idea of ​​quick cleaning may be tempting, but the increased pressure removes essential layers of smear and water can penetrate the e-bike motor. A brush is suitable for brushing off the coarse dirt, as well as a bucket of water and a soft cloth. We can also recommend a bike shampoo for gentle cleaning. Many use detergents, but this fat dissolving agent can also attack the valuable smear layers too much and unintentionally remove them.

3. Correctly clean the electronics and battery of the e-bike

The battery should definitely be removed before cleaning the bike. Many e-bike batteries are secured against theft with an additional lock. So it's better to take a look before violence is used. If possible, additional displays should also be removed or otherwise covered. The battery can then be wiped with a damp cloth and then dried thoroughly. Under no circumstances keep it under water! The battery holder should also be cleaned thoroughly - don't worry, this part of the bike is waterproof. The battery contacts should be checked regularly. They should be clean and shiny.

4. Maintain and grease the e-bike chain

The bicycle chain of an e-bike should be oiled approx. Every 500-800 km. It is important to remove old oil and dirt from the chain and sprockets beforehand. There are special chain cleaners for this. A brush and rag will help. Then new oil is put on the chain. It is best to apply the oil to the front of the engine so that no oil gets into the brakes, which are located on the rear sprocket. The danger is particularly great with spray bottles. After oiling, the chain should run a few times. Shift through all gears in order to distribute the oil well.

5. Function check on the e-bike

After cleaning, all components should be reattached to the dry e-bike. This is followed by the function check: Are all buttons working? Does the electronics work? Do all gears shift easily? If you like, you can also regularly check the capacity of your e-bike battery at Bike Park Timm: Bosch capacity measuring devices are available for you in our shops.

So far everything is great? On to the next trip!

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