When is Twitter better than Facebook?

The largest social networks in comparison - Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, TikTok and Twitter

Instagram: The photo app for bloggers, influencers and selfie stars

With all the functions that Facebook has to offer, the question arises as to why you still need Instagram. At first glance, the app looks pretty similar: you can upload, like and comment on images and send private messages. But the big difference is that Instagram clearly focuses on the images and not, like Facebook, on maintaining contacts. Instagram is the ultimate platform for sharing photos and short videos. The target group consists mainly of younger users who want to attract attention primarily with topics such as fashion, food & travel. Most Instagramers therefore also have a public profile, because this is the only way to get a large number of likes for their posts.

What are the advantages of Instagram compared to other social networks?

The popularity of the app is due, among other things, to its diverse profiles. They contain interesting content on almost every topic: whether food, fashion and travel, art, photography, celebrities or comedy. By using hashtags, users quickly attract attention when posting photos and sometimes receive hundreds of likes, comments and new followers in a matter of seconds.

What is a 'hashtag'? So that the photos posted have as much reach as possible, they are linked to relevant keywords. These are marked with a hashtag, the hash sign or the double cross “#”. For example, if you upload a beach photo, you can use hashtags like #travel or #beach. Instagram users who search for these terms using the search input will then be made aware of the posts posted.

What makes Instagram particularly attractive?

The platform now has such a large reach that particularly popular (large number of followers) Instagramers are of interest to the advertising industry. There are many influencers who do (sneak) advertising for a certain brand for a fee.

Stories can also be uploaded, i.e. pictures or short videos that are automatically deleted after 24 hours - similar to Snapchat. Short surveys can also be carried out using the stories. They are relatively easy and quick to implement. In this way, trends on defined topics can be determined easily. In addition, live videos, also known as directs, can be played, which you can use to enter into a dialogue with your followers.

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