What percentage of cell phones have Bluetooth?

Apps / software Bluetooth: what is the range?


Would you like to connect your smartphone to another device via Bluetooth, but the connection cannot be established? The range may not be sufficient. In this article, we are going to show you what you should know about the Bluetooth range of your cell phone and how to achieve maximum range.

What is my range?

Bluetooth is a popular method for transferring data over short distances. For example, if you want to transfer photos from one smartphone to the other or if you want to play a music playlist on your Bluetotth headphones or speakers. Compared to a WLAN connection, the wireless connection is via Bluetooth energy saving, but mostly too slower. The range of a Bluetooth device can be divided into three classes.

Most Cell phones use class 3, as this not only saves electricity, but also ensures that too many smartphones do not interfere with each other when connecting to other devices. At Bluetooth headphones will mostly 2nd grade used so that a range of up to 10m can be guaranteed. In addition to the differentiation into the classes listed above, new versions of the Bluetooth standard are published on a regular basis. Smartphones, such as the Samsung Galaxy S8 / S9 or the iPhone 8 and X, are already equipped with Bluetooth version 5. However, thanks to the downward compatibility, you can also connect devices that use older Bluetooth versions. The latest version, Bluetooth 5.2 with an improved transmission speed, was released in January 2020. You can find information about which Bluetooth version your smartphone is using on the website of your mobile phone manufacturer Data sheet for your smartphone.

Generate maximum range

In order to achieve maximum range, you should make sure that the devices are as close to each other as possible. Obstacles such as walls reduce the range of your smartphone. Another possibility is the so-called Bluetooth repeater, however, similar to WLAN repeaters, these are only available from electrical retailers and are only worthwhile for devices from grade 2. Keep the to be connected Devices in different positions to each other and take care of them at least in sight to have to create a successful connection.