Which books did Tesla memorize?

Production problems? Tesla CEO Elon Musk reveals in an email how his employees can be more productive. Everyone can learn something from his tips.

Tesla boss Elon Musk has had to take a lot lately: The production of the new "Model 3" is running slowly, and the electric car manufacturer has not yet achieved the production targets it has set itself. Musk has therefore already announced 24-hour shifts for his employees. He is even said to have set up his dormitory in the Tesla factory so as not to miss anything.

In an email that was recently published by the car magazine Jalopnik, he now also gives his employees tips on what they can do themselves to work more productively. But everyone can certainly learn a slice of these.

Six tips from Elon Musk to help you become more productive

1. "Big companies have too many meetings and things get worse over time. Get rid of all large meetings, please - unless you are sure that they make sense for everyone. In that case you should keep it as short as possible. "

2. "Let there be regular meetings, except for very urgent topics. When these are resolved, they should lose weight at regular meetings."

3. "If you can't contribute to a meeting, go. It's not impolite - it's impolite to force someone to do theirs waste time."

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4. "Use no shortcuts or nonsense terms for things, software or processes. Everything that needs explanation prevents communication. We don't want people to have to memorize a glossary in order to work at Tesla. "

5. "Communication should take the shortest routethat is necessary for the work, not through the 'chain of command'. "And further:" A major cause of problems is poor communication between departments. The way to solve this is the free flow of information between all hierarchies. It must be okay for people to talk to one another directly. "

6. "Always stick to the common sense. If a 'company rule' seems obviously ridiculous in a particular situation, then that rule should be changed. "

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