Trust advertising

How trust in media channels and advertising are related

In the study, 5,509 people who regularly use the news media were surveyed online. Attendees came from North America, Europe and the APAC area and were invited to share their thoughts on seven global and 72 national news brands. The researchers first found that editorial content that appears on a news brand's own channel generally enjoys a high level of trust.

80 percent of all respondents rated the news there as trustworthy. The fact that the environment in which an article appears plays a decisive role becomes clear after a look at the following figure: If the same content is displayed on a social media platform, the trust of the readers drops to 57 percent. The strength of trust was measured in the study using an implicit association test. During this, the participants are shown words and, depending on how quickly the respondents come to a judgment, it can be said whether they answer reflective or intuitive - that is, whether they have to think longer about their answer or not. When it comes to assessing social media news, judgments are usually made intuitively, according to the researchers.

Advertisers benefit from the halo effect

Furthermore, it was examined whether and what influence the channel and environment have on advertisements. The result: A strong halo effect can be determined, i.e. a distortion of perception that arises when a feature comes to the fore and other features appear either positive or negative as a result. In short: advertisements in a trustworthy medium are also perceived as trustworthy.

Print and TV are top performers when it comes to respondents' trust in advertisements on the respective news channels

In the case of the print media examined, the average trust was 69 percent, while advertising on this channel was 58 percent. According to the researchers, 83 percent of media trust is transferred from media to advertising trust. The TV channel also looks good. Here the average trust in the medium is 79 percent, that in the advertising there is even 60 percent and the convicted trust is 76 percent. The third channel examined, the websites of the respective news brands, landed in third place with an overall trust of 67 percent and an advertising trust of 49 percent. The study proves once again how important the environment and medium are when it comes to achieving a good advertising impact.

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