How do I tag someone on YouTube

YouTube's new comment function

Big Let's Player - in general, every YouTuber knows the problem. The comment function. Confusing, you can't see through, good comments get lost - you know better yourself. Although Google is constantly working on YouTube, adding new functions, removing functions or simply changing the design - the comment function has remained in the dark until now.

But now the time has come and the hard-working Google programmers hit the keys. All videos / channels should have the new comment function by the end of the year. But what does it actually look like? See for yourself on the official one YouTube blog, there is already some information and screenshots to be seen.

The new comment view on YouTube, if the whole thing is implemented.

A new one left earlier Podcast Online with the Hijuga. The 30-minute conversation is also about the comment function. - And since Hijuga is not exactly the smallest youtuber and he also gets some comments, he knows what he is talking about.

Here is an overview of the upcoming changes:

  1. Comments from Youtubers (who upload the videos), known people, those with a lot of likes or from people from their own Google+ circles are displayed directly above.
  2. You can decide whether the comment is visible to everyone, only from people from your own Google+ circles or only to certain individual people.
  3. Youtubers can create a blacklist with forbidden words: Hater or spam comments can easily be blocked in advance. The previous functions are of course retained: delete comments, mark them as spam, report or block individual users for comments under their own videos.

If you want to use the functions now, you can already do so. - It does, however, involve a little "work":

First you have to connect your YouTube channel to your Google+ profile (HowTo). You have to activate the discussion tab in the channel (HowTo). You can now try out the new functions. Such as marking other people in your own comments (+ Name = @Name like on Facebook). And the last thing you should do is Channel moderation settings adapt, because otherwise the whole thing makes little sense. 🙂