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Welcome to Java-Tutorial.org

You can learn the Java programming language on this homepage. This page is aimed primarily at beginners and advanced users, but perhaps some professionals can also get suggestions here. In addition, we will introduce you to some development environments (IDE for short, from English integrated development environment) for Java development that you can work with.

The learning principle on java-tutorial.org is "learning by doing". We would like to encourage you to stick to this principle when learning Java, because only by applying the knowledge you have gained can you become more familiar with programming. You will make mistakes in the beginning and that is a good thing. You learn a lot, especially when it comes to troubleshooting.

If Java is your first object-oriented programming language, we recommend that you first study the basic principles of object-orientation. You can only program meaningfully in Java with an understanding of object orientation.

Even if you could theoretically write the program code in a simple text editor and compile and execute it via the command line, it is much more convenient to program in a development environment (IDE for short, integrated development environment). In our Java tutorial, we introduce you to several IDEs and describe how you can set up your first project there.

The first area of ​​the JSE (Java Standard Edition) tutorial deals with the basics of Java programming, such as simple data types, input and output of texts with the command line, conditional statements and loops. The second part deals with the programming of graphical user interfaces (GUI) in Java.

If you run into errors during Java programming, take a look at the Exception handling chapter, there you may be able to find information about the cause of your problem and resolve it yourself.

Another tutorial for the Java Enterprise Edition (JEE) is being planned, which is often found in the corporate or web environment. This area will therefore be of particular interest to more advanced Java developers.

Also planned are chapters on design patterns that are used in the field of software technology, as well as a chapter on the modeling language UML (Unified Modeling Language).

Note: In order for the tutorial to work properly, you should allow JavaScript and popups in your browser, as in some areas the solution for examples is opened in a separate window using JavaScript.