How cute a boy can be

Sweet sayings that go straight to the heart

Flirt alert! You have a total crush - but don't you dare tell your Crush personally? Or do you just want to prove to your boy / girl how much you love him / her? And your girlfriend could use a cheer up too? Then this is just the thing for you! Here come sweet sayings that your loved ones are sure to like πŸ’–


Sweet messages for lovers

Are you looking for a cute saying for Valentine's Day? - or every other day of the year when you can be in love? Then you are right here πŸ’―. Whether in a message via Instagram or WhatsApp or on a small piece of paper ... Nothing proves love more than giving love. Super cute idea: do you have a photo of the two of you? Then post it here with one of these sweet messages.


  • I wish I could turn back time Then I would meet you earlier - and love you longer!
  • For us it wasn't love at first sight πŸ‘€ - it took five minutes!
  • Dream without fear - and love without limit!
  • I know I'm in love when I can't sleep because reality is more beautiful than my dreams!
  • By the way, I wear the smile you gave me. πŸ₯°
  • I am here, you are there One is in the wrong place!
  • Diamonds ain't nothing when I'm shining with you. πŸ’Ž
  • Guess who would like to be with you now?
  • No matter how strong I am - you would always be my weakness
  • You are as cute as Stuttgart without "T"

Get to know each other even better - with the sayings from our video you will definitely get closer to each other πŸ’ž


Sweet messages for guys

Are you currently dating a cute boy? Or do you already have a friend who you want to tell how much he means to you? Well then - what are you waiting for? To love means to be brave and to show feelings openly. You have nothing to lose. These sweet messages are perfect for showing him how much he means to you. Show him that he is something very special πŸ’ž You can also write the messages on small pieces of paper and put them in his pocket - he will surely be happy when he discovers them πŸ‘€

  • Happiness is like a drug and you are my dealer.
  • I've fallen in love a lot lately - and only with you.
  • I don't want a guy to solve my problems. I want someone who solves them with me.
  • Lately I noticed that I was thinking of you all the time and I was pondering how long it had been going on. Then I realized: since I have known you, you have never disappeared from my thoughts.
  • I don't love you for what you are - but for what I am. With you!
  • Some dreams are longer than others, some dreams are more beautiful than others. But my best dream, he's reading this message right now.
  • I wanted to send you something incredibly sweet, pretty, clever, beautiful and fantastic - but I just didn't have a photo of myself 😜
  • Like a Nike without Air, like a rubber without a bear, like a shower without that, like a contra without bass, like the sun without a sting, that's my life without YOU!
  • I was taught: day = 24 hours, minute = 60 seconds. But I wasn't told that a second without you is forever!
  • If you need me, I'll be here. Even when you are far away, I am close to you.
  • H) IP 383! 7 H)! H) IP 77! M H)! H)! P 9VW H) !. Turn your broken phone upside down and read again!

Sweet messages for girls

Sometimes it's not that easy to tell a girl how much you like her. So then just write it πŸ˜‰ These cute sayings are perfect for expressing how you feel about them.

You have what others do not have: My heart ❀️

  • I would like to be the reason for your smile - because you are the reason for mine.
  • Life is not perfect. You already!
  • I don't think I can like you any more than now - and yet: I know that tomorrow I'll like you even more.
  • When I realized how perfect you are, I fell in love. And when I realized how imperfect you are, it became love.
  • Do you want to arm wrestle with me? πŸ’ͺ🏼 I come into your arms - and you hug me.
  • Hello, have a smile! Just like that! So sweet! If you could see yourself now, you would know why I like you so much.
  • When I first saw you, I always wondered how I know you? But now I know: you are the girl of my dreams!
  • I have just received a call from heaven: They are looking for their cutest angel πŸ‘ΌπŸ½ on earth - but don't worry, I haven't betrayed you!
  • Apart from nonsense, I only have one thing on my mind ... YOU!
  • I say it very cheekily: I'm blown away by you.
  • According to Β§11 (4) of the German love book I lock you in my heart immediately for life. No objection can be lodged against this judgment!

Sweet sayings for all your loved ones

Short and sweet! These sayings are perfect for all of the loved ones in your life. Print them out and send them to you. Or make a great photo collage from your most beautiful photos and these sayings. Because sometimes it takes even more than nice words to show how much you love someone.

  • When your world collapses, there's still room for you in mine.
  • The lucky ones don't have the best in life - they make the best of everything in life.
  • If it's getting on your nerves, it's too expensive.
  • I know what love is - thanks to you!
  • Now let's be honest: together we are simply better.
  • I am more myself when you are with me.
  • A best friend is like great love. Only better.
  • Friendship doesn't have to be perfect. Just REAL.
  • You're the sprinkle of sugar on my donut.
  • What would you ask if you knew the answer was "Yes!"
  • I have you - that's all I need.