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A US federal court has two key measures of asylum and Immigration policy of President Donald Trump stopped. The San Francisco Court of Appeals on Friday ruled the order unlawful, according to which Asylum seekers from Central America have to wait in Mexico while their application is being processed.

This as "Stay in Mexico" The said policy was "invalid in its entirety," said the court. The measure came into force at the beginning of 2019. Since then, according to official figures, around 59,000 asylum seekers who entered Mexico have been sent back to the United States' southern neighbor. A US court ruled this invalid in the first instance last year.

Critics argue the asylum seekers would be in Mexico Discrimination, violence and sexual assault threaten. Then there is corruption, a lack of food and poor housing.

The Appeals court of San Francisco on Friday also declared a second measure by the Trump administration to be invalid: that asylum seekers who have not entered the US through an official border crossing cannot apply for asylum. Both cases are likely to be before the highest court the US go.

Trump has been restricting legal immigration and fighting illegal immigration migration made it a prime concern of his presidency. He wants one on the entire border with Mexico Wall build - a highly controversial project.