What are some useful hair care tips

Five helpful hair care tips

Hair care products of any type or recipe always promise buyers healthy and shiny hair. This is an introduction to the world of hair care products and many tips for gentle hair care are given.

Wash properly with shampoo

There is a suitable shampoo on the market for every hair type that should take care of the hair appropriately. But you also have to have the right technique for washing your hair. Depending on the length and thickness of the hair, you need different amounts of shampoo, which you should massage thoroughly into the scalp for a while. Often times, you shampoo your hair twice, but that's not necessary, especially if you wash your hair regularly. After a longer break, however, a second wash is recommended. In addition, the water when washing should not be hot, but lukewarm, and the shampoo must be washed out thoroughly. If the hair is rather long and dry, you should take special care not to rub it violently and thus strain the hair, both when washing and drying it.

Conditioner for more suppleness

Color and styling, which you want to be beautiful with, often cause damage to your hair. Therefore, you have to take special care and repair, which is why a rinse or conditioner is recommended after washing. If you stick to one care range, the care products complement each other as well as possible.

The conditioner should of course only be used after the shampoo has been rinsed out and excess water has been removed from the hair. So the conditioner is not immediately diluted by the water, the care substances would become less and the care would not be applied to an appropriate extent. Dry tips in particular urgently need care.

The conditioner should sit for a while before rinsing out. Alternatively, you can use a leave-in conditioner that is not washed out. So the hair is better cared for. In general, conditioner ensures that the hair is better groomed, easier to comb, and not weighed down.

Spray care for in between

With hair care spray, spray cure or hair milk, you can easily care for your hair in between. For example, instead of rinsing, but also just like that, spray care is recommended. This shortens the time for styling when things have to be done quickly without the hair becoming damp or weighing down. In this way, the hair is spared and cannot break - but these sprays do not help with the styling itself.

Intensive care with a cure

With a hair treatment, dry and split hair in particular receives important care and regeneration. The treatment is used instead of a conditioner in damp hair. In the case of fine hair, it is advisable to only use the treatment in lengths. With other hair types, you can use the treatment to care for the entire hair from roots to ends.

In conjunction with heat, the cure has a stronger effect. To do this, you can let it work under a warm towel or foil, for example. After that, the hair must be washed out thoroughly. At the end you should rinse it off with cold water, which closes the hair surface lastingly. This makes the hair shine more. If the water is too hot, the opposite happens and the cure cannot work properly at all.

Hair oil for the best shine

Hair oil is popular as a true all-rounder. It is used for care before washing if you leave it on for 10 minutes. After washing, it makes it easier to comb in damp hair. Just a few drops in finished hair bring a perfect shine. A few drops are important here - with too much hair oil the hair will quickly become greasy.

Possible oils for hair care

Argan oil

Argan oil comes from the argan tree and provides intensive care. Especially with thick and frizzy hair, carefully massaged in argan oil will soon make it easier to comb and give it more shine.

olive oil

Olive oil is not only good in salads, it is also rich in conditioning for the hair. For long hair, it can serve as a hair treatment, for example, by massaging the oil into damp hair from top to bottom after waking up and washing it out thoroughly after an hour. Then the hair is washed again with shampoo.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil not only goes well with Caribbean dishes, it is also effective in nourishing. It only becomes liquid when the body heats it in when you massage it in. It can be used as a tip care product or as an oil pack on long hair.