What are your favorite occasions for grilling?

22 BBQ side dishes that might steal the show from your meat

Lightning fast baguette recipes

Let's start with the classics among grill side dishes. A crispy baguette is just as much a part of it as the sausages on the grill. Flour, yeast, water, salt and the basic dough is ready. If you like, you can refine your lightning baguette with all kinds of spicy ingredients such as olives or herbs. To the recipe

Lightning-fast baguette recipe © Jennifer Friedrich | Monsieur Muffin

Oven-roasted tomato ketchup

Anyone can do ketchup from a tube. But homemade and then with oven-roasted tomatoes ... the brother from the supermarket just can't keep up with this explosion of aromas. It also tastes warm and cold, so twice as good. To the recipe

Pasta salad with creamy tomato and ricotta pesto

When it comes to grill side dishes, you can't get past pasta salad. And that's just as well. Because then you could miss this fine delicacy. This is where pasta meets baked vegetables and fresh pesto. To the recipe

Grilled tomato salad

With this salad, the main attraction first makes itself comfortable on the grill. This is how it gets extra aromatic! And the list of ingredients is so nice and short. Garlic, thyme, oil, vinegar and juicy tomatoes, that's it. To the recipe

Grilled tomato salad © Anastasia Franik | Sia's soul food

Chilli and sweet potato fries with a lime, coriander and yogurt dip

Sweet, hot, crispy and then they can also be wonderfully crumbled away while you wait for your steak. The homemade sweet potato fries are perfect grill side dishes to get you in the mood for the evening on the grill. To the recipe

Chili and sweet potato fries © Kaja Hengstenberg | The Recipe Suitcase

Lentil hummus

The lightning baguette from above still needs its spread. Et voilà, there it is: a spicy hummus made from lentils and chickpeas. Can be mixed together in no time at all. To the recipe

Lentil hummus © Ramona Urschel | Miss Moonstruck is cooking!

Lavender bread and lavender marinade

Now there are two recipes in one go. And both times fragrant lavender plays the main role. First of all, a fluffy, crusty bread with lavender flowers and lavender honey is baked. A marinade is then mixed from flowers, honey, oil, salt, thyme and lemon, which gives fish and chicken a sophisticated note. To the recipe

Lavender bread and lavender marinade © Denise Renée Schuster | Foodlovin

Grilled feta with walnut breading and lavender

And because lavender is simply pure summer, it is now available again. This time it gives grilled feta with crispy walnut breading its unique aroma. And the whole thing looks pretty too. To the recipe

Orzo salad with smoked trout

Here the fish got lost in the salad bowl instead of on the grill. But we think it's good. Together with orzo (looks like rice, but tastes like pasta), artichokes, fennel and a lemon-caper dressing, it cuts a fine figure in our range of grill side dishes. To the recipe

Orzo salad with smoked trout © Elle Teuscher | Whole Food Republic

Filled onion bread with red onions and sun-dried tomatoes

With the bread you can safely save the herb butter. Stefanie's twirled onion bread is so aromatic and, by the way, already filled with melted butter, it is a real treat for the palate "on its own". To the recipe

Filled onion bread © Stefanie Hiekmann | Tastes good

Apricot ketchup

We already had the classic, so now it can be a little more unusual. So how about fruity and spicy ketchup with apricots? Don't worry, this is anything but compote and the tomato has also found its way into the bottle. And curry, chilli, nutmeg and ginger alone make for a lot of buzz. And that is only a small part of the sophisticated list of ingredients. To the recipe

Apricot ketchup © Christine Garcia Urbina | Trickytine

Surf & Turf Burger

Ok, these little splendid burgers would probably no longer be called grill side dishes. But they have nothing to do with run-of-the-mill barbecues either. That's why we just say: delicious! To the recipe

Surf & Turf Burger © Eva Fischer | Foodtastic

Wrinkled bread with herb butter and cheese

Here everyone can simply pluck their piece of bread out of the mold. The treat is baked directly with herb butter and cheese. This makes it extra juicy! And then that crispy cheese crust ... mmh! To the recipe

Wrinkled bread with herb butter and cheese © Yvonne Fischer | Experiments from my kitchen

Grilled zucchini and smoked salmon lasagna

When you think of lasagna, you think of a thick layer of cheese and long cooking times in the oven. But not here. The vegetables are cooked on the grill and then stacked with salmon, fresh goat cheese and cream to make a quick, light lasagna. Fantastic grill side dishes can be made that easy. To the recipe

Grilled zucchini and smoked salmon lasagne © Daniela & Michael Becker | Flowers on my plate

Basic recipe for mustard marinade

Marinated grilled meat tastes wonderful. It tastes even better when the marinade is homemade. Irina's sweet and spicy variant is definitely worth a try! To the recipe

Basic recipe for mustard marinade © Irina Lauterbach | delicious puts you in a good mood

Bulgur salad in a crispy bowl

Refreshing, spicy, juicy and all of that at the same time - this salad really doesn't have a side dish. The Turkish-style bulgur salad with lots of herbs is almost the whole main course. To the recipe

Pull Apart Bread or Zupfbrot 'Caprese Style'

If you are honest, then you could actually just spend the whole barbecue evening with this fluffy, airy and cheesy-spicy bread. First of all, it tastes incredibly delicious and, secondly, it's just a lot of fun to tug at it! To the recipe

Zucchini potatoes

The potato just has to be there when grilling. But as a potato and zucchini skewer, refined with basil, parmesan and olive oil? Yes, this is something new. And the little potato skewer is impressive. To the recipe

Baked potato salad with pesto

From potato to potato: Together with fresh pesto, crunchy rocket and juicy cherry tomatoes, the potatoes cooked in the oven gather in the bowl for a wonderful summer salad. To the recipe

Baked potato salad with pesto © Elena Möller | Elena eats ...

Country bread

What can you say, bread belongs to grilling like butter on bread. A classic country bread that is fluffy on the inside and crispy on the outside should not be missing. For the ultimate grill feeling, roast the bread slices on the grill and then enjoy with melted butter. To the recipe

Country bread © Karin Buhl | Lisbeth's Cupcakes & Cookies

Cucumber and feta rolls

As an appetizer in advance or as a snack in between - nobody can keep their hands off the small rolls with a spicy filling of feta, sun-dried tomatoes, olives and dill for the whole evening. To the recipe

Classic tabouleh

At the end there is a salad with bulgur, this time classic Lebanese. Here, too, mint and parsley make their grand entrance and ensure a delight for the palate at its very best. To the recipe

Classic tabbouleh © Eva Fischer | Foodtastic