What are the advantages of virtual schools

Written discussion on "Learning in Cyberspace"

Nowadays, learning with the help of computers and the Internet is becoming more and more popular. That doesn't stop at school either. But is a virtual school really useful or do the disadvantages outweigh the disadvantages?

Of course, the virtual school has its good points. For example, one would only need one teacher per subject and grade across Germany. The teachers could concentrate more on the topic and the lesson would no longer be disturbed by inattentive people. The pupils would only have to sit in front of their PC at home and listen and watch. You could then download the material and the lecture from the Internet and look at it or read through the material until you really understood it.

However, the virtual school also has negative aspects that have to be considered. The decreasing number of teachers would mean that there would be many more unemployed. The teacher could practically not concentrate on the individual pupil or support him individually. In addition, the social behavior of the children would not be trained as they would not have any real contact with their classmates. The health aspect should also be considered. Sitting at the PC for a long time causes back and eye damage. The excess weight of the children would also be encouraged.

In my opinion there should be no virtual schools. You can get access to information easily and quickly via the Internet and I use it myself, but not all of the lessons should take place over the Internet. For example, I wouldn't feel like sitting in front of the PC all morning. I would also miss out on contact with my classmates. I think that the virtual school will only catch on in the distant future. At the moment the technology is not developed sufficiently and I suspect that there are still a lot of opponents of the virtual school.

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