Cheap hotels are always easy

Save money when booking a hotel: 9 tips and tricks

We are currently on a world tour and hardly a day goes by without us booking some kind of accommodation somewhere in some country. Whether hotel, hostel, bed & breakfast, flat, apartment or tent: you almost always have to book. Especially in the high season, you can often not afford to just walk into one place and book the next accommodation you find. Over time you will become a booking professional! We have put together our five best tips for cheap hotel bookings, with which you can save a few more euros on your booking:

1. Book directly with the accommodation, and whatever they are called are incredibly easy to use and you can find almost every imaginable accommodation on these platforms. However, the accommodations have to give commissions of 25% and more to these providers. This is not only annoying but in our opinion more than borderline. Many providers of hotels, hostels and other accommodations have their own websites where you can book your rooms directly using more or less good booking systems (or the good old telephone). Discounts of 20% and more are not uncommon, because the commission on the platforms does not have to be paid by the hotel. So: Search and decide on a booking platform and when you have made a decision, simply google the accommodation, you will surely find what you are looking for and you can save money on your hotel booking! And there is still a little more money left with the accommodation, so that you can use this trick with a clear conscience!

2. Genius, Rewards & Co .: Take advantage of frequent booking discounts

For those who travel more often during the year, the larger booking portals have discounts for frequent travelers: At, for example, after ten nights you get a free night, the value of which corresponds to the average of your last ten bookings. We think that currently has the best bonus program. It goes by the name of "Genius". After five bookings you will get this status and numerous advantages. The most attractive is that you get an instant discount of 10% on a large part of the range from Incidentally, this is at the expense of the platform's margin, so you don't need to feel guilty when booking. Other benefits, such as free bike rental, a welcome drink, free late check-out or early check-in and many other amenities are also offered to you with one or the other accommodation.

3. They are always there: Find coupons on the Internet

This is actually a tip for cheap booking that you don't even have to mention, but many bookers don't use it: There are tons of more or less usable vouchers out there on the Internet and there are websites that collect them and make them available. Often times they honestly don't work, but it is not uncommon for them to work. For example, from, vouchers in the range of 5% to 15% discounts are constantly flying around on the web, which you can use in the booking process. Just look for it! By the way: Students get a permanent discount of 10% on, simply register with Unidays and you can generate as many vouchers as you need until your fingers fall off the voucher generation ...

4. Airbnb: Weekly and monthly discounts save money

More and more accommodations, whether apartments, hotels or hostels, are also offering their rooms on Airbnb. For a long time now there have been more than just private apartments to be found on the portal. Searching is just more fun here, because the interface is just beautiful, simple and clear. And best of all, the prices are often below those of, as Airbnb charges less commission. And even better: For longer stays (from around one week), many accommodations give weekly and monthly discounts of around 15% to even 30%. Sometimes more sometimes less. This is a feature that we sorely miss at By the way: If you don't have an Airbnb account yet and click here, you will get starting credit worth 30 euros for your first booking!

5. Be flexible: Avoid weekends and holidays

When we travel, we very quickly forget the days of the week and be honest: do you know the holidays in your holiday country? Nööö? But you should! Prices rise up to 100% and more these days and also on weekends. However, not all accommodations take part and so there are always some that offer the same price every day. If you are flexible with your trip, try to avoid vacations, weekends and public holidays in your holiday country and if you do have to take them with you, book smart! Holidays in other countries are also not entirely unimportant when booking. For example, there are tons of Australian tourists on Bali in Indonesia during the Australian holiday season. If you know this in advance, you can circumnavigate these days wonderfully.

6. Let Dreamcheaper find cheap hotels for you

As nice as the service was, in the meantime, Dreamcheaper is unfortunately no longer available ... For the sake of completeness, however, we have left the box, maybe there will be a similar service soon.

This is also an extremely cool trick to save even more money when booking hotels, hostels & Co.: Simply forward your booking confirmation from whatever service to the Dreamcheaper email address and they will start monitoring your booking immediately . If at some point they find your booking even cheaper with any provider, you will be notified and Dreamcheaper will automatically rebook you if you want. We have devoted an entire article to the service. And if you click here, you will get another 10, - Euro discount on your first booking with Dreamcheaper!

Dreamcheaper: How to find the cheapest hotel

Go on vacation and save a lot of money at the same time? With Dreamcheaper you can! You just book your hotel as usual and Dreamcheaper will look for a better price for you ...

This way

7. Search the platforms with Trivago

Probably everyone knows Trivago from TV & Internet advertising. This search engine has already saved us a few euros. Because, as many mistakenly think, the service does not search the hotels like and the like, but Trivago just searches, & Co. The service so quasi searches the booking services, so it is above them. With Trivago you can quickly and easily find out the differences between and, for example, and believe me: They are often significant. Sometimes the difference isn't necessarily in the price. So it can happen that you get an included breakfast or a superior room (larger room) for the same price. But that's somehow a saving again, isn't it?

8. After booking: Cashback pays you money back

The best comes last! Did you know that in addition to all the discounts BEFORE booking, you can also save money AFTER booking your hotel or hostel? Cashback providers like Aklamio, Shoop or Getmore give you discounts when you book and buy pretty much anything you can get your hands on on the Internet. This is also the case with hotels, hostels & Co. You register there for free and simply make sure that you are in the future first to the website of the provider and from there then go to & Co. Then a so-called cookie is placed and for a few weeks after you then started your journey the money then ends up in your Aklamio or Shoop account, from where you can conveniently have it paid out to your bank account. With these services we save several hundred euros a year!

9. Use our friendship link for extra money

Oh damn it ... Unfortunately, this program no longer exists. As soon as we have something new for you, we will put it here!

Last but not least, we have a little link for you that you can use for your next booking on! If you get to the provider's website via this link and book your trip as normal, Booking will give you 15 euros back after the start of your trip. We get the same amount from booking, which then goes into our travel budget very quickly. WinWin, right? refer a friend

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