What is the function of the choke valve

gorstab wrote: If the timing isn't quite right, you can for example. inferior to something; then the valve opens further and the cold start is better.

I don't have any cold start problems in the direction of starting difficulties and uneven running during a cold start. My valve means it too well and feeds the engine with a rich mixture for far too long.

The principle of operation of this valve should better work in reverse. In other words: The valve only opens when the voltage is applied (switch on the ignition) and only then slowly closes again with (electrically assisted) bi-metal control.

In any case, it would then be ruled out that, if the electrical function of the valve fails, one constantly drives around unnoticed with the 'choke on'.

Well, I've now also removed the part and measured it. No resistance could be measured in the cable lug / connection. In the device itself, at the cable foot, it is exactly 21.6 ohms for me. Obviously also a cable break (see 'careless appearance of the cables at the end in the housing). I haven't tested the thing with an external power source yet and trust Gorstab's testimonials.

When removing the valve, I also noticed that the airbox is only fastened with one screw, which makes it wobbly and external air can get into the intake system, which in turn can affect the idle speed. Where did the other fastening screws go? Again a typical case of multiple errors, which very often make a reliable error diagnosis difficult.

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