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New England at a glance

Info / recommendations | New England | 03/11/2017 | Photo: Massachusetts Office of Tourism

Many people have New England firmly on their vacation wish lists. Especially in autumn the region shows itself in its most beautiful guise, namely when the leaves of the deciduous trees shine in different colors. But New England can do a lot more than “just” Indian summer. We'll tell you what!

The New England region is located in the northeastern United States and comprises the six states of Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont. Here the history of a nation is combined with cozy alleys, dreamy fishing villages and an incredibly beautiful landscape. Look forward to majestic mountains, dream beaches, countless lakes, streams and waterfalls! The following video will certainly convince you of the beauty of the region:

A stone's throw from New York City is the first New England state that we want to see. It is the southernmost state in the region and already exudes typical New England charm, be it whitewater rafting or a walk through the Vineyards (or along the Beer Trail) on a kayak tour through the Thimble Islands or on a culinary foray through the enjoyable coastal cuisine. There are beautiful beaches, luxurious holiday resorts, chic boutiques, but also casinos and family fun in the over 50 rides in the amusement park "Lake Compounce”In Bristol. If you are passionate about architecture and the writer Mark Twain, you should visit his estate in Hartford, where he wrote many of his novels, including "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer". Another must is the breathtakingly beautiful campus of the Yale University in New Haven.

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Rhode Island
In the east, Rhode Island joins Connecticut. It's the smallest of the New England states, but you might think it's the finest. At least this is the case Newport to, whose famous mansions are absolutely worth seeing. These are the summer residences of the former high society - including, for example, those of the Vanderbuilt family. The fine company could recover from the hustle and bustle of New York City here near the coast. Here one was among oneself. Tip: Take a walk along the “Cliff Walk”. So you see the beautiful Atlantic coast and pass the pompous properties. The scenery will also delight you as you drive through Rhode Island, and some photogenic await you along the coast Lighthouses on your camera. If you arrive between June and October, plan to visit the capital on the weekend Providence to be. Because then the so-called takes place WaterFire instead, with 100 beacons on the three rivers that wind through the center, immersing the city in a romantic ambience. The ships on the waterways are also lit with torches. Really wonderful! Marvel at them too oldest settlement in New England, Pawtxet Village which was founded in 1642. Tip: bathe on Block Islandwhere there are more bikes than cars and great beaches!

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We continue along the coast and are in the third New England state, Massachusetts, known primarily for its beautiful peninsula Cape Cod with its 115 beaches and some of the oldest villages in America as well as for its Capital Bostonwhere the American Revolution began, literature was born, and the first college was opened. In addition, beautiful beaches beckon, the picturesque Berkshires (Hill country in the western part of the state), the famous panoramic hiking trail Mohawk Trail, pretty small towns and some of the best living museums in the country. History comes to life here! No way should you Plymouth Plantation where you will learn about the Pilgrim Fathers and first settlers in this part of the United States. Americans have them to thank for today's Thanksgiving holiday; and the Indians, in turn, the pilgrims owe their survival, for which they celebrate with a feast, the first Thanksgiving, thanked. Take a ferry and visit the elegant vacation islands Martha‘s Vineyard and Nantucket - fantastic! Tip: Head north out of Boston and drive along the North Shore. The region is beautiful and rich in history. Among other things, you happen Salem, where the witch trials took place in 1692, which then spread to the surrounding communities.

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New Hampshire
If we head north to Salem, we'll be in New Hampshire in no time. And if we continue to follow the coast, then we have already left it, because New Hampshire actually only has a small stretch of coastline, albeit a very beautiful one. This is where the charming and historical is located Portsmouth on the bay that separates the city from the neighboring state of Maine. She is supposed to, according to Forbes Magazine one of the most beautiful cities in the USA be. New Hampshire scores less with its manageable coastline than with the beautiful one White Mountains in the northwest of the state. Mount Washington rises here, at over 1,900 meters the highest mountain in the northeastern United States, which can be climbed with the world's first cogwheel train. The view is amazing! Tip: Currently there are free tickets for this train when booking ours New England tour - exclusively with us! Three panoramic roads run through the beautiful mountain regions that should not be missed during Indian Summer! In addition, hundreds of lakes beckon - especially the largest of them, the Lake Winnipesaukee. And not to forget: Tax free shopping: Tax exemption when shopping!

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Maine joins New Hampshire in the north and east. It is the largest of the Northern England states and is especially popular because of its beautiful coastline countless offshore islands and the Acadia National Park known. In Maine, which borders Canada in the north, ends the Appalachian Trail, which stretches to Georgia and is very popular among hikers around the world. Maine is also known for its lobster. You just have to try it! The many too Lighthouses in Maine do not need to hide. Wildly romantic and sometimes absolutely lonely, they look forward to every tourist who stops and takes a picture with or of him. Four scenic roads lead through Maine, which of course also presents a wonderful color of foliage in autumn. But even in summer you can relax on the many beautiful beaches. And in winter that beckons largest ski area in New England. Tip: Immerse yourself in the maritime history of the state and visit one of the lovingly arranged museums and take a trip on a historical schooner!

Source: © Maine Office of Tourism

Welcome to the last New England state we travel to. It is the only one that is not on the coast and borders New Hampshire to the west. That pulls on a drive through Vermont Farm life past you. You will see cows grazing, red barns on lush green meadows, dense forests, small streams and covered bridges. A dream for hikers, especially during the Indian summer! The Green Mountains run through the state from north to south. They are not rugged and offer fantastic views. If you are driving, Route 100 and Route 7 are recommended, both of which pass through typical, charming villages. Tip. Experience the Indian Summer on board the Green Mountain Railroad! The elongated one Lake Champlain is also known as the West Coast of New England because of its location and size. This is where you should be in the student city Burlington Stop. It is the largest in the state and has a character all of its own. Take a boat trip, take a brewery tour, shop at Church Street Marketplace, or relax on the lakefront! In summer you can listen to concerts here for free. If not as big as Burlington, it is Capital Montpelier well worth a visit. Only around 8,000 people live in the cozy city and it is the only capital in the USA without a McDonald’s. In addition, the Maple syrup highly valued from Vermont. Nowhere is more liquid gold produced than here. By the way, comes too Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream from Vermont. In Waterbury you can take a tour of the production facility.

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Are you a foodie? Then let's go to New England! Because the region is best known for fresh lobster and really delicious seafood. You can buy fresh, seasonal fruit such as cranberries, blueberries and apples at the countless farmers' markets and the cheese and wine tours in the region are also a dream. If you prefer to drink beer, you will certainly feel at home in one of the countless breweries. And if you happen to come across a “cider mill”, then you should definitely buy one of the stunning cider donuts! The very best maple syrup can be found in Vermont, and while you're there, be sure to check out a farmers market. Because Vermont is regularly on the top list for regional dishes. This is mainly due to their renowned markets, where you can not only taste food, but also buy countless other regional products.

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Excursions and activities:
There is a lot to see and do in New England. On a whale-watching tour, marvel at the gentle sea giants as they swing into the air, splash back into the water and then wave their big fins in goodbye. On a lobster boat tour you can see and learn how exactly a lobster is caught and you can also marvel at the picturesque coast with its countless lighthouses. You can visit these sometimes very lonely lighthouses on a private or guided tour. If you like hiking, then why not visit the White Mountains! There is a paradise for mountaineers, hikers and mountain bikers of all levels of difficulty. The adjacent Lakes region, on the other hand, is ideal for a kayak or boat tour and the adrenaline junkies among you will certainly get their money's worth with white water rafting or ziplining.

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