Helps you sing karaoke

Karaoke dream? Lets Sing Queen in the test

What's the matter?

The Lets Sing series let yourself sing! The karaoke games show you the lyrics, but you have to know the melody of the songs in order to score points. The games come with two microphones that you can easily connect to your console via the USB ports like controllers. And then it starts already! You sing a song and the game shows you when you have to start with a note and how high or low it should be in order to get to the colored area in which with the current point you see on the screen there are points. This may sound complicated, but it's very simple - if you can hit a note.

The game also offers you different game modes. You can sing along to one of the 30 songs in the classic way and get points for it. If your console is online, the game will even show you how many points the world's best players have achieved so far. But you can also compete against other players who have already sung a song in Vs mode and got points for it. If you can do better, you win the duel and move up the ranking. And in mixtape singing, you only have to manage a few seconds of each song to collect points. The juke box mode simply plays the song and video and you don't have to do anything - except listen. But you have to sing the song at least once beforehand to unlock it.

That's why it's worth playing!

The rules of the game are very easy, but the game itself is not. If you can sing well, it should be easy for you to get good results here. And if you want to practice, the game will help you too. However, you do not have to be able to memorize texts or have to learn them: the game only grades your notes, not what you sing. Those who hum properly or sing la la la get as many points as those who actually sing the correct text. It's a bit of a shame, but the game doesn't understand lyrics. If you think Queen is not for you because the songs are so old and you don't know any, you might be surprised.

Because the British band had so many hits that you've probably heard one of them on the radio before. Sports fans are guaranteed to know the winning anthem "We are the Champions" and songs like "Radio Gaga" or "Bohemian Rhapsody" have not only been world-famous since the movie two years ago. But there are sure to be songs that you have never heard before. But that's not bad, after a few tries you will definitely be able to sing them well. It's also really fun to try out the game with friends - singing together can be a lot of fun! let a singer test the game. Your verdict: You will get through Lets Sing Queen not learning to sing, but the game is quite suitable as a training to keep notes. So if you can already sing a little and want to get better, the game is a great way to practice at least some of your singing skills. Because Freddie Mercury is considered one of the best rock singers of all time and was able to do spectacular things with his voice. Keeping up is not that easy. But with a little patience you can soon get good scores and impress your friends and family with your skills.


If you like to sing, is Lets Sing Queen just a cool game with good music and an extremely good singer who challenges you a lot. But that's also a lot of fun!

Information for parents

Because the game does not understand any texts, only the notes hit and hold are rated Lets Sing Queen Also suitable for younger children, provided they enjoy singing. And the game also offers a little learning effect for English. It is not suitable as learning software for singing because it only rewards precise re-singing, but not creative phrasing, but it can be used for practicing hitting and holding notes and breathing accordingly. And as a party game with several players - whether old or young - it's really funny. Only those who really can't stand Queen should keep their hands off it.