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  • An incomplete overview of the personalities from music, film, art, culture and politics who died in 2020.

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  • According to a study, conventional music, like that of Justin Bieber, is supposed to be an indicator - that young people are developing into exemplary citizens.

    Does Justin Bieber make us better people? and more Justin Bieber

  • You have to do everything yourself, thought the Berlin DJ Lotti (right), who in recent years got a precise idea of ​​what music he wants to listen to and play through his sets in clubs or at festivals. He calls it "Dirty Pop or Psychedelic Designer Trance" and has ... read more in:Jul 2011

    Zombie trance

  • A soundscape of gospel and blues - this is how our MEporter titled the Soulsavers performance in Cologne in December 2009. Here is his complete concert report.Dec 2009

    Live report Soulsavers and more Cologne

  • In January, Bloc Party performed live in the Heidelberg swimming pool club - in front of just 300 spectators. MUSIKEXPRESS reader Tilman Dräger attended the super-intimate concert.March 2009

    Bloc Party live in Heidelberg and more bloc party

  • I'm sitting in a small park in the center of Bergen and wonder when she was last here. Ane, the blonde, steadfast, but so fine Swedish woman who was actually once Norwegian, at least that's where she comes from, and who gave me so many wonderful moments. Whenever ... read more in:Aug 2008

    Philipp Poisel on Ane Brun and more audience

  • Nerd alert! Ishkurs Guide to Electronic Music is the greatest and most insane site that can be found on the Internet on the development of electronic music.March 2008

  • The band name brings back memories of "Four Fists for a Hallelujah" and similarly endeavored fun spaghetti westerns. On closer inspection it becomes apparent that this is not the exhausting pranksters Bud Spencer and Terence Hill, but a musical trio from Switzerland. The connection between dub and trance is ... read more in:Aug 2006

    Dub Spencer & Trance Hill :: Nitro

  • First on a trip, now on record: Hans Nieswandt on his experiences in the Middle East.Dec 2004

    Not a place for party time

  • Actually, why not make music on the game console? Some English grime acts also got their start with Playstation beats. The "MTV Music Generator 3" is primarily to be understood as a remix machine. Because you can only choose from the loop repertoire of the featured artists - mainly from the trance, hip-hop and R’n’B areas like ... read more in:Sep 2004

    MTV Music Generator 3 (Codemasters) PS2 / XBox

  • “That goes very deeply for me: The author of these lines recently had to hear this empty tube laden with meaning again, admittedly in an esoteric shop. This sentence was spoken to soft tribal drumming and a whispering didgeridoo, the usual soundtrack for incense orgies. Often, trance missions are also a reminder with their five to ten minute ... read more in:March 2000

    Trance Mission - A Day Out Of Time

  • German pioneers of synthetic pop: De / Vision.Feb 1999

    De / Vision

  • The HipHopper Primitive Lyrics and SubZonic with new CDsMay 1997

    Spring in the Zurich rap scene

  • Also the fifth part of the compilation series of the Offenbach label Harthouse Verein! again the ten best productions from the last six months. An impressive retrospective between house, techno and trance, which bypasses the common clichés of commercial ravers. Renowned acts and artists such as Pulse ('Move'), Spicelab ('We Got Spice') and Eternal ... read more in:Jun 1995

    Diverse - Harthouse Compilation Chapter V

  • Already on their debut MOON SPIRITS (1993) the two producers Jam El Mar and DJ amazed. Dag with a mixture of floating ethnic sounds and techno beats. With REVIVAL, the duo have succeeded in perfectly continuing their previous successful course. Dance 2 Trance interweaves fluffy, light dance beats with influences from world music and ... read more in:Apr 1995

    Dance 2 Trance Revival

  • The individual components are well known: music videos, puzzles, a poor lexicon of techno slang and a virtual audio CD player - you need that because eight of the ten songs also contain better audio formats for normal CD players are. The "Interactive Studio Mix" department in particular has other CD-ROMs such as ROCK RAP’N ROLL ... read more in:Feb 1995

    Techno Trance Music CD-Rom Vol. 1

  • This dark star is a real sound alien, and what it throws away mainly synthetically generated sounds is a mixture of trance and wave elements. On average, the pieces are more than six minutes long, wobble heavily and bass-heavy with dark text mumbling to themselves. An undoubtedly interesting space sound experience, but ... read on in:Feb 1995

    Dark Star - Travelogue

  • On his third album, the Frankfurt techno guru succeeds in a fascinating sound journey between trance and ambient. As with the previous albums THE ART OF DANCE (1992) and ACCIDENT IN PARADISE (1993), Väth consciously refrains from excursions into the areas of mainstream techno, which his colleagues Westbam and Marusha at the top of the ... read more in:Sep 1994

    Sven Väth - The Harlequin, The Robot And The Ballet-Dancer

  • With this evocatively titled album consisting of twelve songs, the band from Dortmund provides their own personal contribution to the subject of "instruments in rock music". CHAPTER III has the strings cut, the boss fired and the drums fired - brutal Metal everyday food, as long as the tempo is not slowed down. Only "calm", ... read more in:Feb 1994

    Phantoms Of Future - Chapter III - The Trance Album

  • Tekkno is dead, long live trance dance. The hard times on the dance floor are over, electronic rhythms are now floating in other spheres. With the sounds of the sitar and the droning of a keyboard, clubbers experience the collective sensory frenzy. New age in the disco: there is peace in the country again.March 1993

    Dance the Dalai Lama

  • Lothar Antoni and Markus Berger, around whom the quartet emerged in its current form, are not exactly lucky guys: Longer as figureheads of the new German heavy scene like Helloween, and yet their frigate is always following on the waves of success. The new album is a new beginning. A more appropriate name would also be ... read on in:Jun 1989

    Trance Mission - Back In Trance