How about a two-tone injection molding machine

Horizontal injection molding machine WS900-160T

hydraulicallyfor liquid silicone rubber

Capacity: 58Ton ~ 3800Ton Energy Saving Stable & Precise Strong & Durable Competitive Price Description Two-Tone Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) Injection Molding Machine-LSR Injection Machine Factory It has two mold clamping rooms, two sets of LSR metering devices and only one common computer control. Two kinds of LSR material with different color and hardness can be molded in the machine, which is suitable for making the double color or double kinds LSR products. The main feature of the two-color LSR molding machine: - First developed in China - Meets the requirements for two-station, two-color LSR production. - Double servo motor system - Powerful rotation structure of the round molding board - Humanized design of the ejector structure - PLC computer control is used on the host conveyor The horizontal double color LSR machine for the scope of application: 1. - The LSR product with two Colors and two different hardness Shore LSR material, which will once be through molding technology, so has hifth efficiency and excellent product quality. B. the baby nipple, baby pacifier, baby toothbrush, baby silicone bottle, baby teat ect. 3. - Liquid silicone medical part, such as the capsule, larynx mask capsule, oxygen mask, protective mast, catheter, balloon, medical belt etc. 4. - Silicone high voltage cable accessories, 5. - Electronics and industrial product, such as the watch strap, cell phone case, valve, O-ring, sealing part, auto parts etc. 6. - Sex products, such as the vibrating spear, sex toy cloak, adult supplies etc.


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