What can I do with my sister

What can i do with my sister - Tips for big and little sisters

Siblings are a blessing from God. That is precisely why it is very important to keep the mutual relationship going. You should therefore do something with your sister more often. Shared experiences are fun and weld together.

So the relationship with the sister remains good

  • Basically, it is not so important what you do with your sister, but that you see each other often or exchange ideas in other ways. It does not matter whether you are on the phone, skype or talk. The main thing is that you communicate regularly and are there for each other, even if the age difference or the geographic distance between you is great.
  • Make sure to always be honest with each other and tell each other important things. You must never forget that a sister is very special. You can always look for new friends, but you will have a sister for life.

Things you can do together

  • If you're the big sister, you can take your little sister with you on a day of shopping. Decide together which city or which shoppin mall you want to take a closer look at. Set off together in the morning and spend the whole day in the city. A meal together rounds off this day.
  • If you don't know what to do with your little sister, you can just ask her yourself, or you can turn to your mom instead. But she will certainly be happy about a day together in an amusement park. This is the right thing to do, especially for a little adrenaline junkie.
  • You can do all sorts of things with your little sister. For example, in a beauty salon you can both put on make-up and be pampered from head to toe. So the little one feels grown up too and you can relax comfortably together.
  • If you are the little sister, you can propose a photo shoot to your older sister. Snapping pictures is fun and you will have beautiful memories for a long time in the form of pictures.
  • You can also bake or cook together and then enjoy your work. You don't have to invest a lot of money and you can learn a lot from your big sister.

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