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Enjoy your life - Best Of 2006 - 2016

Exactly ten years ago Dirk Busch released the best of album "Gute Zeiten" on the occasion of its 25th anniversary. Here, of course, the Mona Lisas, the biting and scratchy ones in the rough wind or even bellies not drawn in in the dream factory and much more were gathered, so all the successful titles that made him famous in the republic and beyond. Since then, several years have passed in which many CDs and beautiful new songs have been created, some of which have again developed into popular audience titles. And since some of the newer songs did not appear on physical records, it made sense to put together a new best of of the last ten years:

The best of 2006 - 2016. In addition, as an encore, so to speak, a few brand new, previously unreleased songs that were created this year. And because a track from the last few years corresponds wonderfully to his personal attitude towards life and this song was also very well received by the audience, he called the album in the upper title "Enjoy your life". 20 convincing songs that impressively reflect the entire spectrum of the singer-songwriter Dirk Busch, sometimes funny and humorous, sometimes thoughtful and critical, but always with a positive and conciliatory view of life!