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WoW DPS Ranking for Shadowlands - These classes do the most damage

The first season of World of Warcraft: Shadowlands is live and the players are busy visiting the first raid of Nathria Castle. MeinMMO introduces you to the best classes in the DPS ranking.

Castle Nathria has been playable for some time and many guilds have already worked their way up to the final boss Count Denathrius or defeated him on heroic difficulty. A large part of the players should already be wearing decent equipment.

But which classes are actually particularly strong in Shadowlands content? We take a look here on MeinMMO and show you which class distributes the most damage.

Update from March 19, 2021: This article was first published in July 2018 and updated with new figures on March 19, 2021.

Shadowlands DPS Ranking: The Best Classes in Castle Nathria

Since Nathria Castle has been available, the players have been busy creating and uploading logs from which the current DPS list can be derived.

For our list, we will refer to the data from warcraftlogs. We're looking at the heroic mode with a percentile value of 75 (as of March 19). As soon as enough heroic logs become available, this list will be expanded.

The winners: Fire magicians have made up some places and are now in the top 5. Affliction wizards have also been able to work their way to the top and drive the “owls” away from there.

The biggest winners are likely to be assassin villains. Where they were in last place at the beginning of the raid, today they are in third place and thus the strongest melee fighters even before the Unheilig death knight.

The losers: Marksmanship hunters have fallen far behind in the current list. From their original position at the top, they are now only in the midfield. Windrunner Monks and Weapon Warriors have also lost some places.

The Unheilig death knight is only in 6th place. Originally, these undead journeymen found themselves in positions 1 and 2.

If you want to watch the boss fights without going directly to the raid or to prepare, you can let a pineapple teach you how Nathria Castle works.

The right pact for every class

An important part of the DPS for each class are the new Shadowlands Pacts, the big core feature. Covenants are four factions in the Shadowlands that you can choose one to join.

For each class a different pact is the best, but not every player wants to play the mathematically best pact, because someone else simply likes him more. This will lead to further fluctuations in the ranking. In our special we explain to you which pact is best for which class.

Incidentally, the choice of a pact is not final. It should be "important", but you can change your pact as well. In our guide we explain how to change the pact and what to look out for.

The ultimate compendium for WoW: Shadowlands

148 pages of guides for newcomers and those returning to work, including free ePaper for pre-orders and XXL posters. Everything you need to know about the new pacts, Torghast and the classes is practically in hand.

Castle Nathria is the first raid in Shadowlands, and several others will follow. If you want to know more about the new addon, you can find all information about the features and story of Shadowlands in our special on MeinMMO.

What about with you? Do the numbers from your raid match the logs of the other players or do you have an exceptional talent in your group? Have you already laid Denathrius or are you still missing a little before you can blow out the lights?

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