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Possible premium savings compared to the competition between DA Direkt Deutsche Allgemeine Versicherung AG and selected insurance providers (classic and direct insurers) in the following example:

Contribution comparison for: Opel Corsa-E 1.4 (HSN: 0035, TSN: BCB), self-financed, first registration: 09.07.2013, registration to the vehicle owner: 31.07.2020, registration in postcode: 26388, city: Wilhelmshafen, mileage: 18,000 km / Year, mileage: 76,541 km, use: exclusively private, parking space: street (not locked, not covered, public), owner: policyholder, driver: policyholder (born 02.02.1975, driver's license acquired on 01.02.1993) and partner (born 02.02.1993) 06.04.1973, driver's license acquired 08.04.1991), employee, married, no children in the household, not a member of a German automobile club, no residential property / office building, SF class KH / VK: SF25 / SF25, deductible TK / VK: 150 / 300 euros, no previous damage, payment method: annually by direct debit, without workshop commitment, start of insurance: July 31, 2020

Source: Allianz values, HDI, HUK24, Mecklenburgische; Offer of the providers as of 07/28/2020. Comparison of motor vehicle liability and fully comprehensive tariffs (excess TK / VK 150/300 euros). The tariffs can differ in further individual performance features. Allianz, HDI and Mecklenburgische are represented as classic insurers with their motor insurance tariffs. HUK24 and is represented as a direct insurer.