Why is there Christmas?

Christmas 2021: December 25th / 26th, 2021: Why are there two Christmas holidays?

Many people have time off on the Christmas holidays in 2021. But what is the significance of the two public holidays? Read the answer here.

Boxing Day is less about the birth of Jesus himself than about the fact that God became human and came to earth. While Boxing Day is a day of no work in many countries in Europe and the world, Boxing Day is not free everywhere. For example, the French have to work on December 26th.

Two Christmas holidays: why is it celebrated until December 26th?

In the Catholic liturgy, December 26th is also dedicated to Saint Stephen. He was the first martyr, i.e. the first person to be murdered because of his belief in Jesus.

Before Martin Luther there were between one and five Christmas holidays in the individual German territories. Luther was the first to standardize the Christmas holidays and set them to two. It has remained that way to this day.

Boxing day is also known as boxing day in many Commonwealth countries, such as Australia, New Zealand and Great Britain. On this day, employees traditionally receive small gifts in boxes from their employers.

Most of the people can also be reached on the two Christmas holidays

Christmas holidays and work is a chapter in itself anyway - also for us. Most working people in Germany can be reached on business over the holidays, according to a survey by Bitkom Research.

Only about one in four (27 percent) switches off completely. Two thirds, on the other hand, can be reached by phone (65 percent) or via a messenger service such as Whatsapp (65 percent). And more than half of the employees (55 percent) also check their work e-mails at Christmas and New Years. 531 employed persons aged 14 and over took part in the survey.

Most common reason for being available: The boss asks. But it doesn't actually make it compulsory. Because employers cannot require their employees to be available on vacation or on the Christmas holidays. (AZ)

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