Jeremy Lin has been one now

NBA News: Jeremy Lin gives emotional interview: "The League gave up on me"

Jeremy Lin won the championship with the Toronto Raptors that summer, but was only used sporadically. At the moment the Guard is still looking for a new team. In Taiwan, Lin gave an emotional interview in which he stated that he felt that the NBA had given up on him.

"I've given more and more to God, and yet it gets harder for me every year," Lin told reporters in Taiwan. "There's a saying in the US that goes, 'When you bottom out, it can only go up.' But that doesn't seem to apply to me.

Lin is still without a new contract, recently there were rumors that CSKA Moscow is trying to find the playmaker. In the NBA, on the other hand, there is hardly any interest. "This free agency is tough on me," Lin admitted. "I feel like the NBA has given up on me."

Lin's star rose in 2012 when he caused a sensation for the New York Knicks under coach Mike D'Antoni, and Linsanity was born. As a result, however, things went downhill for Lin and he was never able to live up to expectations due to some injuries. In nine years in the NBA, Lin played for eight teams, mostly as a backup playmaker.

Trae Young full of praise for Jeremy Lin

The 30-year-old started last season with the Atlanta Hawks when he was supposed to be the mentor for Trae Young. Last year's rookie praised Lin at every opportunity. "He was an important factor in my development within a year," Young told Chris Kirschner in January (The Athletic).

A little later, however, Lin was traded to Toronto as the Raptors needed a backup for Kyle Lowry after injuring Fred VanVleet. Lin made 23 games in the regular season for the Canadians, in which he hung up 7.0 points and 2.2 Asissts on average. In the playoffs, however, Lin only got eight chances and only played 3.4 minutes on average.