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How to prepare exotic fruits correctly

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Exotic fruits such as mango and pineapple, pomegranate and dragon fruit, tamarind and kumquat are now available in many supermarkets, often at low prices. Sometimes it is not clear which part of the fruit is edible and how to properly prepare the fruit.

How to recognize ripe fruit

You can tell straight away how ripe bananas are: their skin turns yellow, then brown. In the case of mangoes and pineapples, on the other hand, you can't tell when you're ripe. They taste best when they give off a strong scent and give way when you squeeze the bowl. Large exotic fruits usually contain a relatively large amount of water and do not taste as aromatic as small fruits.

Pineapples hardly ripen after harvest and quickly become inedible. That is why there are so-called flying pineapples, which are brought to Germany as fresh as possible by air. Flying pineapples usually taste more aromatic than pineapples that were transported by ship.

Pesticide residues on fruits

State investigation offices and environmental protection organizations repeatedly find high levels of pesticide residues in exotic fruits. The fruits should therefore be washed thoroughly with lukewarm water before consumption.

Enzymes in fruit make dairy products bitter

If you add fresh kiwi, pineapple or papaya to milk, quark or cream, the dairy products become bitter and thick. This is ensured by the enzymes contained in the fruit: actinidin in kiwis, bromelain in pineapple and papain in papayas. The enzymes also prevent gelatine from setting, which can be a problem on fruit cakes, for example. Those who like to eat exotic fruit with muesli should only add them shortly before eating. To destroy the enzymes, you can pour hot water over the fruit. However, heat-sensitive vitamins are also lost in the process. Hobby cooks can make use of the enzymes: if you rub raw meat with them, it becomes particularly tender.

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