What are creative media at a university

Guided tour for study orientation

Degree programs in the field of media and design need creative and often also technical knowledge and have many overlaps with the disciplines of art and music, which also cover wide areas in themselves.

How creative the individual courses of study are in the field of media and design or how high a technical component may be, only becomes clear in the course plan or in the study and examination regulations. Sometimes you can also recognize the orientation by the degree title, i.e. Bachelor of Arts (more creative) or Bachelor of Engineering (more technically oriented).

Art and music can be studied as scientific subjects with a high proportion of theory, or very practical. So look closely!

The Combinations are diverse, also with completely different fields of study, e.g. music + computer science or music + business. The courses listed are only a selection.

Films on the fields of study

Art studies - From art history to art restoration. You will learn to understand and analyze art. There are many aspects that you are dealing with in detail here.

Do you like to work creatively with different colors, shapes and materials? Maybe a study of the Fine arts interesting for you. Find out!

In a degree in the field layout or design you use your creativity to combine form and function in an appealing way.

How can you tell a story in an exciting way? How do you create effects to cast a spell over your audience? That is the topic in a course of study performing arts, of Acting,or the Theater studies.

music study and later work artistically yourself, research about music, report on it or convey music to others. Musical practice is just as important here as music theory.

The films give you an insight. However, each field of study then has many different study options to offer. Do you feel like taking a closer look at some of the courses now? Here you can find the study program research.

Description of the fields of study